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Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Scorpio - Oct.23 - Nov.22 - Ruler Pluto -Mineral Plutonium - Animal Scorpion/Eagle - Color Scarlet - The symbol of life and death - tarot death card( rebirth and transformation)

Scorpio rules mysticism, witchcraft,life and death, transformation, sexuality,taxes,insurance, other's money, investigation,police,MOB,CIA and legacy.Where ever Scorpio is in ones chart drama will appear and for some,your astrologer included (born with Jupiter in Scorpio) it represents the witchcraft particle or natural born witch.

Scorpio's greatest lesson is to rise above jealousy and resentment. Become the Eagle and be of great power, rise above, be a great investigator and detective, follow the path of truth and honesty for that is what you expect of others.If you follow the lizard, you will follow a path of resentment, anger, hostility and deception. Fly like the Eagle!

You're 2019 forecast:

The past 18 months added stress in your home life sector,Real -estate, moving,relocation, family, emotions and even issues with a parent have arisen. Your career may have been demanding and the home base may have suffered but you are able to juggle both. This energy is leaving on Nov.7th, 2018 and shifting into a Cancer/Capricorn universal axis.

Scorpios 3rd and 9th house. With the new Dragon energy cruising your 9th house of higher learning, foreigners, trips and adventures, this could be the year you take up a study or go on that vacation you have been dreaming about. You might even meet a mysterious foreigner. With the tail in your 3rd house of siblings, communication,short trips and news via mail or phone; things will be active in those areas and with Saturn( karma,) involved until May, 2020 ,things will take a serious tone for some. And lets not forget Pluto(death and rebirth) in Capricorn until March, 2023 making your 3rd house an ongoing process of change and restructure for the better. Follow the moon Scorpio for you are a water sign.


Jupiter is the Lord of Luck and the largest planet in our solar system. Where ever this planet resides by house and sign you will be blessed as Jupiter always seems to protect his chosen ones. This planet has been in your own sign since Oct. 2017 bringing you much luck in areas personal develpoment and the betterment of your life. Jupiter moves on Nov.9th 2018 into Sagittarius and Scorpio's 2nd house of wealth,money and self esteem. If you follow the fluctuations of the moon and invest, buy homes or businesses etc. in waxing moon's you will be way ahead of the game. This is your year to make money and use the power of Saturn residing in your 3rd house to make logical and rash decisions.

Remember, the 3rd house is key, this is the house of communication,mental process,siblings,short trips and news via mail or phone.

Good luck to all you Scorpio's !

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