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Happy Birthday Scorpio!

Scorpio - Oct.23 - Nov.22 - Ruler: Pluto Mineral: Plutonium- Animal:Scorpion/Eagle - Color Scarlet - The symbol of life and death - Tarot: Death Card( rebirth and transformation) Arch Angel - Jeremiel

Scorpio rules metaphysics, mysticism, underworld, witchcraft, drama,life and death, transformation, sexuality,taxes,insurance, inheritance, other's money or joint finances, investigation,police,MOB,CIA and legacy.Where ever Scorpio is in ones chart drama will appear and for some,your astrologer included (born with Jupiter in Scorpio) it represents the witchcraft residue or particle creating a natural born witch.

Scorpio's greatest lesson is to rise above jealousy and resentment. Become the Eagle and be of great power, rise above, be a great investigator and detective, follow the path of truth and honesty for that is what you expect of others.If you follow the lizard, you will follow a path of resentment, anger, hostility and deception. Fly like the Eagle!

Your 2020 Forecast:

2019 has brought energies to your 3rd (communication,mental process) and 9th houses(higher knowledge,justice, and foreigners). Scorpio's may have found themselves not as focused this year, and communication hasn't been too clear. Issues with siblings,negative news via email,phone or snail mail may have come up. Remember that with Saturn( karma,) stationed in Capricorn until March 21,2020 depression is common. Things will always take a serious tone for most Scorpio's. And lets not forget Pluto(death and rebirth) in Capricorn until March, 2023 making your 3rd house an ongoing process of change and restructure for the better.

The Dragons energy shifts on May 5,2020 and the axis turns once again. This time we move into a Gemini/Sagittarius axis and 2020 will be all about wind and fire for the world at large. This energy will effect Scorpios 8th house(transformation) and 2nd house(money). You may experience wealth thru others money,inheritances,investments and taxes. Duality is here so you may experience these things in twos,fours and sixes. The Dragons tail is in your 2nd house of wealth,possessions and self-esteem. You will face more challenges in these areas. Money will be an issue and added expenses are possible, especially once Jupiter leaves your 2nd house in December of 2019. Follow the Moon Scorpio for you are a water sign and when depression or negative thoughts arise, regenerate yourself with water by taking a swim,going to the beach,river,stream or taking a hot bath. This will work wonders on your psyche and mental process.

Jupiter Report:

Jupiter is the"Lord of Luck" and the largest planet in our solar system. Where ever this planet resides by house and sign, Jupiter will bless his children and bring luck and protection to the soul. Jupiter has been in Sagittarius since Nov.8, 2018 and will move on Dec.2, 2019 into Capricorn (karma). Jupiter now moves into Scorpio's 3rd house of communication,mental process. Luck will be granted with short trips and higher learning opportunities. You could start writing a book this year, plan to take on more continuing education,travel and see the world and happiness with siblings are common. Saturn and Jupiter both stationed in your 3rd house until March will create a conflict between both planets from December 2019 - March 2020. Saturn proceeds with caution and Jupiter jumps in with reckless abandon. Once Saturn moves in early Spring, its a green light, and you will feel this energy pull in a more positive way.

Good Luck my beautiful Scorpio's. Have a wonderful year ahead and always check out my Birthday Special here:

Artwork by San Dra

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