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Happy Birthday Virgo!

                             Happy Birthday Virgo! Your ruling planet is Mercury and the ruler of the 6th house of work, perfectionism, organization and health. You rule the nervous system and intestines and therefore should never eat when upset. Your downfall is criticism and you're very prone to loneliness due to this highly critical attitude. Virgo must remember that nobody is perfect, not even them.

                             The past 15 months you have had some negative energy cruising 6th house of health and work related issues due to the universal energy and its axis is Leo/Aquarius. Your dreams have been powerful and even prophetic is some ways. The energy shifts on Nov.7 ,2018 into a Cancer/Capricorn axis. This will be cruising your 11th( friends and wishes) and 5th houses (love,romance and children). Many of your dreams and wishes will be granted by dear friends. Children may cause you added stress and your love life will be tested in 2019 - 2020.


                       Happy Birthday Virgo. Make the coming year the year all your dreams come true. And check out my specials coming for Virgos.All life readings 50% off until the end of September. Good luck and bright blessings.

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