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Happy Birthday Virgo

Mutable -6th house - Planet:Mercury - Color: Green - Rules intestines/nervous system

Arch-Angel:Metatron Their energy is modest,feminine and very analytical.                 

     Happy Birthday Virgo! Your ruling planet is Mercury "The Messenger of the Gods", and the ruler of the 6th house of work, perfectionism, organization and health. You rule the nervous system and intestines and therefore should never eat when upset. You have a strong eye for detail and you are one of the hardest working in the zodiac. The downfall for Virgo is that they are prone to loneliness due to their highly critical attitude. Virgo must remember that nobody is perfect, not even them.


The energy shifted on Nov.7,2018 into a Cancer/Capricorn axis. This is cruising your 11th house( friends and wishes) and 5th houses (love,romance and children). Many of your dreams and wishes will be granted by dear friends, and your social circles will give you opportunities to meet new people and friends.. Children may cause you added stress and your love life will be tested in 2019 - 2020.

The next Dragon energy shifts on May 5,2020 into a Gemini/Sagittarius axis for the next 18 months. This energy will be in the 10th house of career and possible promotions or raise. You might move on to a job that better serve you and your family. You will be in the public eye or spotlight from time to time during these several months to come. An you will be recognized for your accomplishments in some way. The Dragon tail will be effecting your 4th house of home,family,emotional foundation, Mother(mother figure),and your roots. This energy may bring stress or emotional issues within the household.A move might be in store,buying and selling property, redecorating,and more time will be spent with the mother figure of the family.

The Jupiter Report

Jupiter moves signs every 12 months and right now it is in its Governing sign of Sagittarius until Dec.2, 2019. The "The Lord of Luck." Where ever this planet is placed in your chart you will have luck on your side. This planet is dancing in your 4th house of home,family and emotions. The home is happy,emotionally stable and serene. You maybe buying or redecorating your home. Positive vibes and ancestral energy are possible.Spending time with the women in the family will be pleasurable,enlightening and fun.

Jupiter moves Dec.2, 2019 into Capricorn and right on your 5th house of joy,love, romance, children and the creativity. The creative side of Virgo will come out. Many Virgos will find love, have a little romance or fling, pregnancies are common under these stars and will have many joyous moments.

Please take advantage of my Birthday Special for Virgos only!

Have a very blessed Birthday Virgo and always reach for the stars.


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