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Happy Birthday Virgo 2021!

Mutable -6th house - Planet: Mercury - Color: Green - Rules intestines/nervous system

Arch-Angel: Metatron Their energy is modest, feminine and very analytical.

I'm a little late but it is still Virgo season. Happy Birthday Virgo! Your ruling planet is Mercury "The Messenger of the Gods", and the ruler of the 6th house of work and service to the world. Its all about perfectionism, organization and health. You rule the nervous system and intestines and therefore should never eat when upset. You have a strong eye for detail and you are one of the hardest working in the zodiac. The downfall for Virgo is that they are prone to loneliness due to their highly critical attitude. Virgo must remember that nobody is perfect, not even them.

Virgos motto is "I analyze" and are very hard workers and have a strong attention to detail. They can sometimes focus on the tree and miss the entire forest. They are excellent healers, health gurus, dieticians, office work, and their organizational skills are on point for any clerical work. They are either health nuts or junk food junkies all depending on their cosmic placements.


This year may have brought many Virgo into new careers, praised for their accomplishments, and in good standings within the public eye. The Dragons head in Gemini has been cruising your 10th house of career and the tail has been in Sagittarius, your 4th house of home, family, emotions, mother ,and real-estate. Some Virgos have had to relocate due to a new career/job. Some have bought and sold a house or moved away. Emotions within the family circle have been intense and sometime this does bring about the death of a mother or mother figure.

2022: The universal Dragons energy shifts on Jan,22,2022 into a Taurus/Scorpio axis and //////////////////…..the rest is for Patreon subscribers!

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Art work by San Dra

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