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Happy Fall Forecast - 9/23 -9/29

We start this week off with a sign and season change.The wheel of the years turns once again on Sept.23,2019 the Fall Equinox or Mabon begins. On Monday and Tuesday the days and nights are at even strength. And this is a time to create balance and harmony in our lives. The Sun moves into Libra the same day making the energy all the more powerful for balance. We are in "days of caution."See my last newsletter for more info here:

And Happy Birthday too Libra! Check out your annual forecast for Libra here: and take advantage of this months "Birthday Special"

Besides the Equinox energy, the planets that govern this week will be Sun, Mercury and Venus. And we have a New Moon in Libra on Friday, September 28 @ 2:26 p.m EDT. Libra New Moons are all about balance,diplomacy, peace, and affairs with love, money and laws of justice. This is the perfect time to sign contracts, deal with legal issues, create a loving home environment, propose marriage, get married, and of course, fall in love. Enjoy this beautiful energy and bask in Venus's love for beauty and harmony. many things can be accomplished and the next two weeks are a green light.

Magickal Folk: With the Wheel of the year turning again this is the "Witches Thanksgiving." As we honor the bounty and harvest, we plan and store food for the coming winter months. The Sun God makes his decent back to the darkness as the days get shorter and Persephone becomes the Crone, embracing old age and wisdom. The days on the 23rd and 24th are at even strength and at a balance between darkness and light. This is an excellent time to work on our shadow self and omit what isn't working and focus on bringing balance,harmony and peace into your life.We are still in the waning phase of the moon. The next few days are perfect for shadow work, banishing,bindings and protection spells. Blessed Be my pagan friends.

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Wishing everyone a safe and blessed week ahead. Happy Mabon to all my pagans and New Moon forecast in Libra to post in a few days.

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