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Happy Halloween

Wishing all of you blessed HALLOWEEN/SAMHAIN on October 31 for those who celebrate. All Hallows Eve of Samhain, (Sow-een) is considered the last harvest of the year and the official end of summer. This is when the veil is at its thinnest. It's "The Witches New Year" as the calendar turns into another cycle. It's a night to honor the dead and our dearly departed.

Other religions and cultures embrace this time of year as well. On Nov. 1st we have " All Saints' Day." Known as "All Hallows' Day,'' Hallowmas, the Feast of All Saints. Based in Christianity and Catholicism , and celebrated to honor the Saints. They also celebrate "All Souls Day '' on Nov.2 as a way to pay their respects to the departed.

Dia De Los Muertos begins on Nov.1 - Nov. 2 It is widely celebrated in Mexico and it is believed that the souls of the dead return to visit their living family members. Many people celebrate this day by visiting the graves of deceased loved ones, and setting up altars with their favorite foods, drinks, and photos.

In Ireland, they have a fifteen day celebration that begins on October 31 - November 14. Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sa-win), Samhain was held to honor the end of the harvest season and means "summer's end." I've also been told it means November.

Wishing you a Happy and safe Halloween.

Astro Strega

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