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Happy New Year and Predictions

I hope the Holiday Season finds you in good spirits and in good health. And as we look forward to a new year ahead, and all the lessons learned from this past year, we progress into 2023 with a new slate, new ideas, and new ambitions.

There have been many ups and downs this past year for many of us. Many lives have been lost this year and lots of tragedy and heartache has happened. I am not one to do yearly predictions as I do them every 18 months with the Dragon Axis shift but I will share with you the predictions that Patreon received in January 2022, and those that have come to pass so far; and we have about seven months left of the Taurus/Scorpio Dragon its not over yet.

I am going to share the last week of my December Energy Forecast and what my Patreons' (Crone Tier) got to receive a month before and were prepared:

The week of December 25 – 31, 2022. The ruling planets are Uranus (earth changes), Neptune (water, drugs, and oil issues), and Mars (the rise of white supremacy).

Money and Finances: As we close out the year, last minute investing on lower prices is good but now is also a good time to check your financial health and plan for the year ahead. I do not see the economy getting better until late spring 2023.

Love: Mercury in retrograde will muddle things a bit with love. Keep the lines of communication open and do not let little misunderstandings ruin a perfect time. You can just blame it on Mercury Rx!

Travel and Environment: There will be chain reaction accidents on the road, with trucking, and railroad so be very, very careful when you are driving. With Mercury Rx in Capricorn (snow and blizzard) and Mars Rx in Gemini which rules the road, wheels, driving, and transportation. I would try to avoid travel this last week of 2022 as much as possible.

Purchases: End of the Year holiday clearance will fine you great deals. Treat yourself to a new book, or new music, and there are great deals on alcohol too.

Back in January of 2022 I posted on Patreon all about the Scorpio Dragon and all the death and dramas that it would bring. I said "out of all the dragon's tails, I fear this one the most." The Scorpio Dragons tail is a very harsh, unloving and unfeeling energy. Where ever this falls by house and sign, you will feel its wake up calls, deaths, and transformations. Positive and negative.

I went on to state that "Scorpio is either the Eagle (positive) or the Lizard (negative). This Dragon tail will represent the Lizard, and all the negative it brings. Scorpio rules, metaphysics, witchcraft, underworld, investigations, investments, morgues, cemeteries, morticians, insurance, police, CIA,FBI, IRS, mafia, sex industry, dramatic news where death and drama take center stage. The witchcraft community takes a big hit in someway.

Lawlessness will arise and the possibility of civil war is not off the table. Deep and hidden secrets are brought to light, so brace yourselves for unsettling news about children, sex trafficking, police disgracefulness, exposure of politicians, celebrities, and religious figures will all make headlines."

This is where Plutonic souls will feast as psychic vampires, often with resentful, jealous, and dangerous tactics. There will be no fear of laws, and there is no regard for laws. A natural lust for death and drama will prevail. Metaphysical powers are used in the wrong manner, and used to control, harm and manipulate. Witch hunts and some sexual diseases once thought a thing of the past, resurface and make headlines. Sad news will be ahead for Russia and all countries formed in the month of November.

The Dragons head will be in Taurus/Venus energy. This is a beautiful venetian and earthy dragons energy where we will put more focus on the things that make us feel beautiful, sexy, and rich. With this Dragon be prepared for earth changes such as volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes and stress on fault lines will be common. Uranus is also in Taurus so those two together will make the earth shake. Taurus rules beauty, banking, finances, money, wealth and possessions. We will see a change in the banking system and currency issues leading to a new currency are very possible. People will be into shopping more for vintage goods, antiques, and all sorts of new technology in the beauty and aesthetics world will be introduced. Switzerland makes news and countries formed in the month of May make headlines. Even though England is a Capricorn nation well before boarders and boundaries existed, the United Kingdom was formed on May 1, 1707, and will make headlines in the next 18 months with significant news. Death of Queen Elizabeth, and a New King for England...those are significant changes. Throw in Prince Harry and Meghan's documentary, and book release called "Spare" and more drama is ahead for the monarchy and Great Britain.

Forecast and Predictions for 2022/2023 Taurus/Scorpio Axis:

1. Donald Trump will have health issues and his service to the world is exposed. He will not be running in 2024. He will be busy fighting legal battles, possible jailtime, and bankruptcy. Stress will bring about poor health where "The Donald" gets a wake up call and I do not see Melania staying in that marriage a second longer.

Posted in April 2022

There is no need to explore this as we all see the headlines and Melania is just waiting for him to either die or go to jail.

3. With bankruptcies brings foreclosures and I do see the housing market taking a small hit. Nothing like 2008/09 situation but some of us will benefit from others misfortune with buying foreclosures.

5. Full restructure and exposure of more police secrets and crimes. Not a good time to be a cop for they are in danger and many will die. We will also see the police and FBI involved with things such as sex trafficking's and will get exposed. They are being hunted and exposed for their corrupt ways and more and more info will come out exposing them. full restructure of the police force is eminent. - A Judge involved w/sex trafficking's

6. Russia experiences the Scorpio tail as a nation. There will be lots of negative, and tragic news coming from Russia. Issues with Putin, possible heath issue for him or economic issues will arise.

War with Ukraine broke out on 2/24/22

7. Progressive changes ahead in how you do banking and how you spend money. It's very New Age, and somewhat scary but it is written in the stars and mankind's destiny to new digital currency.

CBDC launched Dec. 22, 2022 in USA

10. There will be an increase in sexually transmitted diseases and those that were once eradicated come back again. just watch the news headline this next year.

Also Monkey Pox, polio in NYC water system.,funding%20especially%20to%20combat%20STIs.

11. Cyber-attacks and crimes will be on the rise. Cybercrimes in general will be really bad. Check all you’re accounts frequently and take all precautions with your own computer, pc or laptop. Watch all crypto, bank accounts, and credit cards. Hacks with social media too.

13. Lots of advancement in science and medicine within the beauty and cosmetic surgery department. There will be lots of great deals in clothing and beauty too.

Web satellite has brought incredible images from outer space. (Science)

15. Witch-hunts are revived in 2022 and not a good year to be a witch. Watch your back, put up your wards, and call for protection because we are going to need it.

Many evangelicals have posted that they want 'witch burnings " again.

16. Those that are inexperienced in the magickal world will pay the price for their ignorance.

17. Spiritual warfare among the metaphysical community. I already see it on tiktok or witchtok. Witch against witch, hex against hex, curse against curse. Even that community is cosmically unconscious and will pay a heavy price for conjure without justification. Just go look at Witchtok

20. This Dragon is on the U.S.A. Children and a full exposure of sex trafficking rings exposing many prominent, famous, political or religious leaders will get exposed. We will see our own police force involved with sex trafficking too. It will be shocking.

22. Possible civil war to begin around Aug/Sept or Oct/Nov. as the United States meets its very first Pluto return on Feb. 20 -22. It will bring revolutionary times where we will have to accept the atrocities this nation has done to others. Specifically our POC and First Nation brothers and sisters. The ground will spill more blood as more graves are discovered in this Dragon phase. I see this more in late spring 2023 but lets hope not.

23. We had an energy crisis over summer with cyber hacks and this will strike again hitting possibly our power grids, water supply, and internets. Stock up on water, batteries, portable generators, and things to help just incase this happens in your neck of the woods.

Domestic terrorism as this has happened in Carolinas and Washington state and becoming more and more prevalent.

27. New technology with internet and a brand new way to use the upgraded web 3 that comes out. This is already in the making and coming to all of you between 2023 -2024

These came to pass and continue to make headlines.

That is some of 2022/2023 Taurus/Scorpio Dragons axis. Violent times are here and I will not sugar coat what I'm seeing. Once this Dragon has ended and we move into the Aries/Libra Dragon on July 18,2023, we will see less about left and right, blue or red, democrat or republican, and more about equality, justice for all. This does not me those parties wont be there but change is coming in our political system, monetary system, and in our own communities.

My 2023 Predictions are the same except I do believe 2023 is the year Putin meets his demise either with poor health issues, and his own government wanting him to resign.

Prince Harrys book with create more animosity between the royals.

Nostradamus saw a death of the Pope in 2023 so this could be the former Pope Benedict whos not in good health and his DOB is 4/16/27 and the dragon rides his 8th house of death. This could also represent pope Francis too.

As we move closer to an Aries/Libra axis in July we will see an uprising in anti semitics and the rise of Hilter's spirit once again.

Between May 10 - 13,2023, a massive Teutonic plate shift, tsunami or volcanic eruption will impact the world but this could be directly on the ring of fire, the western seaboard, Yellowstone, and if it is across the Pacific then we here on the west are impacted too. When Taurus is 20 degrees of the Sun of Taurus a great rumble is felt.

We switch currency as the dollar drops and blockchain technology is set in place and Web 3.

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Wishing all of you a Happy New year and a healthy , happy, year ahead. Many blessings and thank you for your support.

Astro -Strega

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