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January Energy Forecast for 2022

January Energy Forecast for 2022

Jan.2: Mercury enters Aquarius. This is where communication discusses New Age matters, the unknown, UFO’s, technology, and astrology. The mind brings more dexterity, consciousness and intuition.

Jan. 2: New Moon in Capricorn @1:33 p.m. It’s all about new careers, accomplishments and getting ahead in life. A new year, a new you.

Jan. 3: Jupiter (adventure) in Pisces (religion) squares True Node (Dragons Head in Gemini). This is where tension can come relating to media, communication, and religious issues, such as abortion.

Jan. 7: In Ancient Astrology Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius. Some call this the pre-shadows.

Jan. 14: In modern astrology Mercury turns Rx.

Jan.17: Full Moon in Cancer @6:48 p.m. This brings an emotional full moon and where ever it falls in ones chart be prepared for security issues, emotions, and domestic conversations.

Jan. 18: Uranus goes direct. The planet of rebellion and individuality has been in Rx since August 19, 2021. We are now ready to use the growth we have achieved these past few months and put them to good use.

Jan.18: The Dragon Shifts and the true node move into Taurus/Scorpio axis at 1:50 p.m.

Jan.19: Sun enters Aquarius. Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Jan.24: Mars enters Capricorn. Here is where action meets hard work. Anything can be achieved now. These two together can create many opportunities.

Jan.25: Mercury Rx enters Capricorn again. Whenever this planet is in Rx it will jump backwards into the last sign, again.

Jan.29: Venus goes direct. Green light for marriage proposals, beauty and hair treatments and any cosmetic surgeries are a go.

Have a wonderful January!

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