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July 2022 Energy Forecast

July 2022 Energy Forecast

July 5 – Mars enters Taurus – This energy makes us feel more practical and patient.

July 5Mercury enters Cancer – Communication becomes more about family, security, and home issues.

July 61st Quarter Moon

July 13Full Moon in Capricorn – The focus is about careers, and accomplishments.

July 17Venus enters Cancer –We become more sympathetic and caring.

July 19Mercury enters Leo – Our communication become more vocal and our words take center stage.

July 20Last Quarter Moon

July 22 – Sun enters Leo – Happy Birthday Leo!

July 25 -27 – Dark Moon phase

July 28 – New Moon in Leo – This new moon is all about stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve greatness.

July 28 – Jupiter goes Retrograde - It’s all about brain storming and finding other ways of making money. Self-improvement too!

July 31 – Uranus (shocking news) conjunct’s True Node in Taurus – When the planet of shocking developments, conjuncts (this can be aggravating or harmonious) in Taurus it will be about finances.

Wishing you all a wonderful month ahead.


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