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July 2023 Energy Forecast

July 1 - Sun in Cancer, conjunction Mercury in Cancer - Conversations revolve around real -estate, family, and security.

July 1 - Sun in Cancer, sextile Jupiter in Taurus - A feeling of generosity, and optimism are common.

July 3 - Full Moon in Capricorn - Changes with career, accomplishments, and goals.

July 7 - Mercury in Cancer, sextile Uranus in Taurus - Very intuitive, inventive, and the mind becomes acute.

July 9 - Mercury in Cancer, trine Neptune in Pisces - Prophetic messages, and an intuitive mind.

July 9 - Last Quarter Moon

July 10 - Mars enters Virgo - Focus on fitness, health, and organization.

July 11 - Mercury enters Leo - Mental self-confidence, and a strong mind.

July 14/15/16 - Dark Moon Phase

July 17 - The Dragon head (True Node/ North Node) enters Aries.

July 17- New Moon in Cancer - It's all about planning for your family's security.

July 22 - Venus goes Rx - Now is not the time to get any sort of plastic surgery medical, fillers, or medical facials.

July 22 - Sun enters Leo - Happy Birthday, Leo!

July 23 & 25 - Pluto Rx (Capricorn) squares True Node (Aries) - War-like energy, and uprising against governments.

July 25 - First Quarter Moon

July 27 - Mercury in Leo conjunct Venus in Leo - It's very sexy and romantic.

July 25 - Pluto in Capricorn squares True Node in Aries - Once again, war-like energy.

July 28 - Pluto Rx (Capricorn) Squares True Node (Aries) - Third time around brings violence full throttle.

July 28 - Mercury enters Virgo - Communication can become critical and sarcastic.

July promises to bring issues to the American housing crisis, especially after July 17th when the dragon shifts into Aries, right on the U.S.A. 4th house of security, real -estate, food issues, family, and more struggles for mothers, especially single moms, and dads. I will explain this in more in-depth detail when I post the Nodal Dragon Shift in a few days for Patreon.

Disclaimer: All information that is presented on this channel is subjective, generalized, and not specific to any individual (UCI) and is based on my own study and certification of the 16th Century Nostradamus method a.k.a. Divine method. This is for general information purposes only and should not be considered as legal, relationship, financial, medical, business, educational, psychological, and/or any other fact or advice and is subject to your own discretion and interpretation.

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