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June 2022 Energy Forecast

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

June 2022 Energy Forecast

June 3 - Mercury direct in Modern Astrology

June 4 - Saturn goes retro gradeThis is when it is time to set boundaries, slow down and review goals, and ideas. Rx is perfect for combating challenges too.

June 7 - 1st Quarter Moon

June 10Mercury direct in Ancient Astrology

June 13 Mercury enters Gemini – When the planet of communication is in its governing sign, your phone bill can get expensive.

June 14 Full Moon in Sagittarius We focus more on intellect and higher learning

June 20 Last Quarter Moon

June 21 - Sun enters CancerHappy Birthday Cancer!

June 21 - Summer Solstice/ Winter Solstice in S. Hemisphere – HAPPY SUMMER!

June 22 - Venus moves into Gemini – Things get very flirtatious and communicative.

June 25 – 27 - Dark Moon Phase

June 28Neptune goes retrograde – Dreams become more lucid, psychic sensitivity, and heightened awareness and creativity prevail.

June 28 - New Moon in Cancer – Summer time is here. Time for family get-togethers, BBQs, pool parties and family fun.

The month of June doesn’t have any major trines, sextiles, squares, or conjunctions. This is not to say there won’t be bad news but May/ November 2022 will be the worst months for the world at large. August could prove troublesome for the children of the United States as the negative Scorpio Dragon sits right on our kids here in America.

To add more fuel to the fire, November 8, 2022 is Election Day and a lunar eclipse in Taurus, there will be a winner and a loser. The loser will incite violence (civil war). I have some more research to do for this day but it’s going to get crazy.

Be safe and have a wonderful month of June. Happy Summer and blessings to you all.

Astro -Strega

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