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June 2023 Energy Forecast

June 2023 Energy Forecast

June 1 - Jupiter in Taurus conjuncts True Node in Taurus - Money, money, money, and a touch of luck.

June 3 - Full Moon in Sagittarius - Sad news from foreign lands.

June 5 - Venus enters Leo - The focus is on romance and children.

June 10 - Last Quarter Moon

June 11 - Pluto enters Capricorn and goes Retrograde - Rid yourself of old habits and/or addictions.

June 11 - Mercury enters Gemini - It’s time to chat and be intellectual.

June 17 - Saturn in Pisces goes Retrograde - Time to set boundaries, and slow the pace down, just a little.

June 15/16/17 - Dark Moon Phase

June 18 - New Moon in Gemini - We will feel active, and chatty, and enjoy meeting new people.

Jun 18 - Sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces - Self-destructive acts.

June 19 - Jupiter sextiles Saturn - Plans are carried through and fulfilled.

June 21 - Sun enters Cancer - Happy Birthday, Cancer!

June 26 - First Quarter Moon.

June 26 - Mercury enters Cancer - Conversations are all about family, the telephone, real estate, and general security.

June 30 - Neptune goes retrograde - Prepare for lucid dreams.

June 30 - Mercury in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces - Strong mental organization. This placement favors scientists and mathematicians.

Wishing everyone a blessed month of June.


Astro -Strega

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