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Kanye West's Celestial Identity

Kanye West, born June 8, 1977 in Atlanta ,Georgia. Born under the constellation of Gemini, the twins,the silver tongued charmer. Its very easy to ridicule and make fun of this man as Ive seen in past 24 hrs. in the media both left and right. Both are at fault. And don't get me wrong, I have also posted and mocked him in the past, myself. However, if we dive into the divine method of Astrology and use Astropsychology we will find a very disturbed individual who needs help.

Kanye has his moon on Pisces, 10th house (career,public standing). Moon in Pisces is the most difficult placement in the zodiac. It indicates strong intuitive and psychic qualities but its harder for a man with a moon in Pisces then a women. He was strongly influenced by his mother with very little male energy or influence.Her influence has gone far to shape the person he is as an adult, especially during his childhood and the tragic way in which he lost her is bound to have some impact on him psychologically. He is extremely sensitive and acts on impulse and for this reason he needs a partner who is much more stable emotionally. Lets hope Kim gives him that!

Lets look at this 12th house(the subconscious mind,hidden enemies,occult) Kanye has a stellium in Taurus with Mars, Lilith, Venus and Mercury. He is extremely sensitive and has an active imagination He has very clear opinions as to what is true art,is artistically inclined to be himself. Be careful not to overindulge in drink or drugs legal or illegal.

Money and other material possessions are important to him, and he prefer to surround himself with the best quality he can find. One of the lessons of this placement is to realize that intangible things also have great value. Another lesson is to learn to share the great bounty that you acquire for yourself.

The second part to this is that this man is bi polar - A.D.H.D and I KNOW he is on a ton of prescription psychiatric medication which will hinder him. - He is on the brink of cosmic discovery but years for religious poisoning had made this souls so mentally and psychologically messed up that he has no cosmic consciousness and is a robot to his stars. He is searching for that male energy that completes him.And that is Donald Trump,the fellow Gemini twin and strong male dominance. Kanye hasn't been able to be given the opportunity of spiritual knowledge, the forbidden knowledge that has been kept secret by fear inflicted at the hands of his religious upbringing. Remember, POTUS is Gemini( with a Dragon in Gemini/Sagittarius) he is also A.D.H.D and when you have two creatures of the same similar psychological make up they will feed of each others narcissistic,egotistical energy.

His Sun(self) squares(tension) Moon(emotions)and it may seem to that he is required to make great concessions in order to achieve your goals in life. This can lead to bitterness and resentment on your part if you are not careful to keep a positive attitude. This can manifest itself not only in his career but also in his personal and social relationships. Kanye is continually forced to prove his worth to employers, music industry and other people in positions of authority.

There are other factors but I have unloaded enough for right now. The Universal energy is cruising his 3rd house of mental process making him very opinionated, vocal and mentally strong in a medicated induced coma kind of way. With Trump having a hidden dragon in Aries/Libra and Kanya having a natal Dragon in Libra/Aries these two Gemini's knew each other in past lives and were friends. Its funny how the universe works like that.

Knowledge is power. Light and love to all.

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