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Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon Forecast

The Dragon S. Node is currently in its Universal energy of Capricorn, and feeling quit comfy there. On July 16,2019 we have a Full moon @ 2:38 p.m PDT and an Eclipse in Capricorn starting at 6:43 p.m PDT. This is going to be a karmic moon energy, and people will be full of fear, self doubt,negativity, and feeding their inner demons.The reptilian energy will be strong but we must be stronger then these low entities. Your past life residue will feed into past life issues. Do not stay to long in this negative cycle. The past is the past, move forward by removing the things that are toxic or serving no purpose in your life and release them.

Lets not forget Pluto is in Capricorn (until 2023) and dancing with Saturn in Capricorn (until 3/21/20) too. So the planet of Karma,government, and politics and the planet of death,drama,rebirth and transformation are all residing in which ever house makes you Capricorn,testing one of your human experiences. You will be tested to your limits by house and sign. It will be Cancer and Capricorn Sun,Moon,Dragon head/tail and Ascendant that will feel this the most.

Try not to think of this Moon phase in the negative. This is pure Snake energy, and like the snake, we must shed our skin, and release our fears, blockages, negative thoughts, and subconscious instabilities. This is our opportunity to rebirth and have a positive break threw, and better outcomes. Solar Eclipse was all about the outward appearance, and souls purpose.Lunar is about the internal work,subconscious clean up, and rebirth that has to come in order for us to move forward.

The next few weeks will be difficult for many. The news will bring government issues, political unrest and politicians trying to save their sorry souls. News with England/Brexit, India(Sovereign nation as of 1/26/50) and natural disasters,earthquakes, and since Capricorn rules the 10th house of career,public standing and accomplishments, many changes will come in these areas for many people.

Magickal Folk: Capricorn Full moons are the perfect time to cast spells for career,business,accomplishments, ambition,political, and government issues. This is the best time to work healing magick for ailments of the teeth,skin, bones,and especially the knees.

Your Forecast by House and Sign:

Aries: Stressful news with career endings/beginnings, and business issues. A rebirth is coming. With Pluto in your 10th house you must behave, and remain calm for your actions will have preconceptions if not careful.

Taurus: Any legal issues will be resolved now and its a wonderful time to think of expanding your knowledge in something. Dealing with foreigners will bring you some joy.

Gemini: You will begin to see you limitations financially now, and added debt is possible.Death news of some sort is common, and fights with lovers/spouses over money will be on the table. You will have to think of new ways to invest, and make money.

Cancer: Major changes to your domestic situation, and partnerships.Relationships may come to an end now, and business partners may come and go. Its time to find your identity and move forward because love is possible this year.

Leo: A wake up call with your health or employment situation may take center stage for the next few week. Its time to focus on your health and well being. Let stressful situations go.

Virgo: Clean up is needed in your love life and if you don't make the changes, Pluto,Saturn and the Dragon in Capricorn will. Consider it a Karmic cleansing.A much needed vacation, or time out from things is a must.

Libra: Added stress within the family circle is common. Residential changes, or aesthetics to a home are common too.Real estate matters and issues with mother figures will happen.

Scorpio: Communication may be misunderstood this week. So speak clearly. Your mental process may make you depressed and a small getaway just might be what the Doctor ordered.

Sagittarius: Financial expenses, and reevaluations of your money take center stage. Time to budget, and get your abundance back on track. Plan now, and move in the next New Moon phase.

Capricorn: This eclipse is going to hit like a ton of bricks as it is right on you. There is no way to sugar coat this. Major transitions within your personal life, and your souls purpose/identity,and having to let go are all on the table. Be like the snake,shed your skin ,and move forward. Karmic lessons are coming,be strong.

Aquarius: Big improvements in your health and getting fit. Your mind will be strong and making those healthy commitments now will benefit in the end. Dreams are prophetic now!

Pisces: Miscommunication with friends leads to fall outs or someone stabbing you in the back. Wishes will not be granted at this time and karmic issues may arise. Children will be a source of pleasure now.

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