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March 2023 Energy Forecast

March 2023 Energy Forecast

March 1st/2nd - Jupiter Conjuncts Venus in Aries - When expansion and love meet the chemistry can be unstoppable. We all crave action with a touch of love, and money matters move into a positive position.

March 2 - Mercury enters Pisces - Our focus becomes more intuitive and artistic.

March 7 - Full Moon in Virgo - It's time to clean up and set up those intentions for better health and fitness.

March 7 - Saturn enters Pisces - We begin to take off those rose-colored glasses as Pisces isn't at its most comfortable in Saturn but both pack a karmic punch for the next few years.

March 14 - Last Quarter Moon

March 16 - Venus enters Taurus (Dignified) - We seek beauty and pleasure.

March 17 - Mercury conjuncts Sun (Pisces) also known as a Cazimi. Brings us added insight, decree, and subconscious downloads.

March 18/19/20 - Dark Moon Phase

March 19 - Mercury enters Aries - Turbo-charged energy and speeding tickets are common.

March 20 - Sun enters Aries - Happy Birthday Aries!

March 20 - Spring Equinox/ Ostara - First Day of Spring (Northern Hemisphere) and Fall Equinox/Mabon - First Day of Fall (Southern Hemisphere).

March 21 - New Moon in Aries - Action, adventure, and stamina prevail.

March 23 - Pluto enters Aquarius - The Star Child Generation is born and the granddaddy of all transitions of the decade.

March 25 - Mars enters Cancer - Many of us will focus on the home, real -estate, and security

March 28 - First Quarter Moon

The month of March has all sorts of celestial events occurring. We also have the turning of the wheel as the seasons change again and we move into Spring/ Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. However, March will feel more like winter than Spring as Winter will go out like a lion.

The grand event for this month in my opinion will be on March 23, 2023, when Pluto leaves Capricorn and moves into Aquarius for four months. What happens in those four months is a precursor of things to come in the distant future. It jumps back into Capricorn on June 11, 2023, where it stays until January 20, 2024. Then it jumps into Aquarius until September 1, 2024. Then it jumps back again, into Capricorn until November 19, 2024, then it stations in Aquarius, permanently for the next two decades. Get ready for radical changes!

Wishing everyone a blessed month of March and a Happy Spring!

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