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May 2022 Energy Forecast

May Energy Forecast 2022

May 1 – Mercury turns Retrograde in Gemini (Ancient Astrology) - Watch the road, and take care of your wheels.

May 2 - Venus enters Aries – Love is lived on the wild side and we feel adventurous with affairs of the heart.

May 3 - Jupiter sextiles Pluto - Spiritual regeneration through higher learning, and self-expression.

May 8 - First Quarter Moon

May 10 – Mercury turns Rx in Gemini in Modern Astrology

May 10 - Jupiter enters Aries for six months – Curiosity prevails, and we begin to feel for active, and driven to succeed.

May 16 - Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio) – Danger ahead for the world at large. Be safe and stay out of large crowds.

May 20 - Sun enters Gemini – Happy Birthday Gemini!

May22 - Last Quarter Moon

May 22 - Mercury enters Taurus Rx – Speech becomes either a little slower or with direct sarcasm. Watch your words!

May 24 – Mars enters Aries – With this planet in its governing sign, expect all sorts of bloodshed, war, and brutality to prevail.

May 28 - Venus enters Taurus – This placement is dignified and in its governing sign. We feel like splurging on ourselves and others.

May 27 -29 – Dark Moon phase

May 30 - New Moon in Gemini – Our lines of communication become very active. We will feel more inclined to socialize and be very chatty.

Have a blessed and safe month of May.

Astro –Strega

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