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May 2023 Energy Forecast

May 2023 Energy Forecast

The entire month is under positive and negative energy!

May 1 - Pluto goes retrograde - Time for deep retrospect, and releasing old ways.

May 1 - Taurus(Sun) conjuncts Mercury (Taurus) Rx - also known as the Mercury Cazimi.

May 4 - Venus (Gemini) Squares Neptune in Pisces - Emotional instability and unstable clarity. Karmic connotations.

May 5 - Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio - This energy is powerful for personal magick and personal gain. But lay low these next few days and be safe.

May 5 - Venus in Gemini, sextiles Jupiter in Aries - Can bring good fortune to some.

May 7 - Venus enters Cancer - We become more nurturing, caring, and focused on security.

May 9 - Taurus Sun conjuncts Uranus - We dive deep into the realm of scientific discovery, and higher frequencies.

May 12 - Last Quarter Moon

May 14 - Mercury Direct in Modern Astrology

May 16 - Jupiter enters Taurus - This is a rare money cycle where we can all benefit, especially with the Dragon Head in Taurus.

May 17 - Jupiter squares Pluto - Rebellion against existing traditions, and values.

May 16/17/18 - Dark Moon Phase

May 19 - New Moon in Taurus - We focus on money, finances beauty, art, and aesthetics.

May 20 - Mars enters Leo - Sparks ignite in affairs of the heart.

May 21 - Sun enters Gemini - Happy Birthday Gemini!

May 23 - Mercury out of Rx in Ancient Astrology

May 27 - First Quarter Moon

Monthly Forecast for May 2023

The week of May 1 - 7, 2023. It is lunar eclipse week with a lunar eclipse on May 5, 2023, in Scorpio. The governing planets are Venus ( finances), Pluto, (death & drama), and Jupiter (courts and laws).

Money and Finances: Last-minute investments before the Lunar Eclipse energy is a good idea. However, with this energy in Scorpio, any investments on or near the eclipse can be prone to cyber crimes, identity theft, and the liquidation of bank accounts. Observe all your investments, transactions, and bank and credit card statements closely, and be alert for any fraudulent activity. Especially from the Banks themselves!

Love: The first few days of the new month will be good for dating and getting out but it would be best to steer clear of the unfamiliar, strange people, and places. The Plutonic phase on top of a Lunar Eclipse will be intense and crimes of passion are possible. With Mercury Rx, the past loves to come back into our lives. Be aware and lay low May 4/5/6 as better stars are ahead for affairs of the heart.

Travel and Environment: Travel is good until the 4th, after that, travel could become a nightmare with major delays, aggressive souls, and if driving, you must be on the defensive because road rage is very common. Death and drama on the roads, railways, air, and sea will promote accidents and dramatic events.

Purchases: This week, new and used home decor, magickal supplies, and pest killers for the home, and garden are a sure bet.

May 4/5/6 - Plutonic Phase: This energy is all about wake-up calls for us all. It rules, death, drama, transformation, and rebirth. It rules Russia, the police, cybercrimes, sex, porn, rape, trafficking, murder, and the underworld. It rules terrorism, shootings, and mass murders. It rules secret societies, CIA, FBI, and mafia matters. Secrets always get exposed and the rich and famous usually pass away under these stars. Russia could fall from being a superpower in 2023/24!

The week of May 8 -14, 2023. The governing planets are Saturn (authoritarian actions), Uranus ( Shocking News, explosions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions), and Neptune (water damage/drugs/oil).

Money and Finances: This is not the time to do any major investments. The bank might drop a bombshell on the American people this week, and any sort of natural disaster globally; will affect the economy on a world level. Do not keep all your eggs in one basket and keep an eye out for acts of war.

Love: There will be a lot of miscommunication, crossed signals, and major misunderstandings in the realm of romance this week. Wait until the new moon in Taurus on the 16th to make any romantic moves.

Travel and Environment: I always try to avoid any type of travel during a Mercury Rx but sometimes in life it is unavoidable. Just proceed with caution and keep your guard up at all times. The environment turns deadly in some parts of the world and shocking and scary surprises could be in store. There could also be chain reaction events due to Mercury Rx along with Uranic energy.

Purchases: Used and refurbished electronics, musical instruments, and used books are all blessed now.

May 10/11/12 - Uranic Phase: This energy is all about shocking news and surprises. It’s the strange, the freaky, the bizarre, and the unexplained. It rules Asia, France, and Italy. You will always hear of space news such as Space X, NASA, cosmos, aeronautics, E.T’s UFO sightings, or abductions. It rules explosions, nuclear weapons, T.V., science, electricity, and technology. This is all about social unrest or humanitarianism, children, and discoveries. Uranus rulers the fault lines and earthquakes are very common along with insane weather such as volcanoes, tornadoes, tsunamis, typhoons, and volcanoes.

The great seer himself, Nostradamus predicted that when Taurus is 20 degrees from the Sun, which is on May 11, 2023, a Teutonic shift was possible. This is a major warning to the Ring of Fire, Yellowstone, and the West Coast of the United States and globally.

I'm giving a time frame between May 10 -17, 2023 when a major disaster could hit the Ring of Fire, and that includes the west coast. And many of my psychic friends are stating a tsunami in S.F. but I wouldn't take a nuclear threat off the table either. Be safe!

The month of May will be difficult for many of us, and some will have the best time of their lives. May and October of 2023 promise to bring deep significance to the world at large. There will be global issues, geo/political issues, economic shifts, and even wars, uprisings, and revolutions. I am 95% positive there will be a major natural disaster this month entailing a strong earthquake, tsunami, major flooding, volcanic eruption, or bizarre weather patterns. There is already flooding taking place on the Mississippi and now California is bracing for snow melt as Yosemite National Park closes.

Those on the coastlines should prepare, prep, and have a game plan if evacuation is needed. Keep water, food, supplies, and pet food on hand, and always have a game plan. These are only possibilities but better to be safe than sorry. Have a blessed month of May, be safe, and enjoy the Venus energy.

If you enjoyed the monthly sample of the extended version of the Monthly Forecast you can join the Crone Tier and receive it every month here:

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