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Mercury Rx Oct.21 - Nov. 30,2019

Lets talk Mercury Retro-grade! Mercury is "The Messenger of the Gods," and represents critical thinking, duality (both male and female). It is swift and quick, both through the mind and the tongue. In the Divine method (Nostradamus Astrology), Mercury Rx usually begin 10 days before, and 10 days after what Modern Astrology states. Some of you may call this the"foreshadows."

Mercury is the planet of communication, use of words, computers, electronics, cars, trains, change in plans, transportation, motorcycles, mental process, broadcasting, radio, television, reading, writing, journalism, and curiosity.

When Mercury is in Rx motion, it forces all of us stop, slow down and be more observant and have more retrospect. This energy wants you to reflect and review back on the past several months and see both your failures and achievements; where you could have done better, made better choices, and be happy with the accomplishments you have made. Now is the time for planning and re-examining the areas of life you might have missed along the way. High spiritual study is very blessed right now.

The past always comes back to life in this phase. People from your past always seem to get in touch. Whether it be old friends, acquaintances, old lovers, estranged family members, or high school classmates. Enjoy it if it brings back happy, and fond memories but if negative it would be best to steer clear and move forward.

The Do's and Do Not's of Mercury Rx

DO NOT begin new projects,finish up the ones already set in motion.

DO NOT purchase property,technology or automobiles/motorcycles.

DO NOT start any new employment or business ventures.

DO NOT start any arguments, as we are operating under confusing,and misunderstood energy.

DO NOT make travel plans, and try to avoid traveling as much as possible. If you do travel:expect delays,cancellations and changes in itinerary.

DO NOT sign any contracts at this time.

DO NOT start dating or enter into any relationships until this energy has passed.(If its the real deal then it will sustain well after this energy has passed).

DO back up all computer devices and electronics.

DO try and clear up past conflicts with friends and family

DO double check all appointments,plans and contracts.

DO take time to journal, slow down,review,clean up, do meditation and have reflection.

DO study up on a deep, spiritual or esoteric path.

DO use your intuitive side over logical.

DO get in touch with our creative side.

DO have patience.

These are the Universal Laws. Souls born with a strong Mercury,born with Mercury Rx, Virgos,Geminis, Dragons head/tail in these signs and ascendants will feel this energy the most. Please be aware of chain reaction events and accidents to take place, especially after the Full Moon. Be safe and enjoy life. Blessings!

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