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New Moon Forecast for March 13

We have a beautiful, dreamy and intuitive New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 13,2021 @ 5:21 a.m. EST. New Moon's in Pisces are all about music, the arts, our subconscious thoughts, dreams, intuition, psychic self, new beginnings, healthy starts, spiritual endeavors, and the release of bad habits. It also represents religion, meditation, oil, drugs and alcohol, Middle East, hospitals, jails, institutions, water energy, and even illusions and delusions. Let's not forget we have the planet Neptune in its governing sign of Pisces until March 30,2025. This will make the energy more perceptive, intuitive and dreamy. It will be the time to follow your gut and listen to your dreams and intuitive self, especially if this energy falls into the 12th house.

The New Moon in Pisces is a time to purchase metaphysical goods, shoes, pedicures, podiatry, musical instruments, and music in general. It is a time to invest in your psychics and astrologers for their perception will be very inciteful. This is also the time to stock up on alcohol, fish, water, and dive into a spiritual endeavor to broaden the mind. All of the water signs will feel the effects of this New Moon the most but also Moons, Suns, Risings, and Dragon head/tail in Pisces will feel this energy strongly.

Magickal Folk: The New Moon in Pisces is all about divination, clairvoyance, telepathy, tarot, astrology, psychic self and tapping into our dreams and dreamwork energy. The messages spirit and ancestors are sending are powerful, and we must listen to them. Healing rituals of the feet, and lymphatic nodes will be blessed now. Those with a strong Pisces energy will be able to astral project, and tap into deep, subconscious matters.

Two week Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This energy is right on your12th house of the subconscious. Let go of all fears for there is not a future in the past. Listen to your dreams and your intuition, and progress forward. The future looks bright!

Taurus: New friends and social circles will be offered where the opportunity to met new people and even make some of your wishers come true can be offered. This is effecting your 11th house in a very positive way. Enjoy!

Gemini: This is a time of great progress for you dear Gemini. The 10th house of career, public standing and accomplishments will grace you with some very positive news. Progress forward, you cant lose.

Cancer: Cancer, you will be driven by a thirst for higher knowledge. This energy is effecting the 9th house of foreigners, travel, learning, and publishing. Travel plans set into plan now will bring benefits later, and some may publish a book. The next few weeks are positive so use this energy to your advantage.

Leo: Financial investments will pay off now and any investments done now will benefit later also. This energy is cruising your 8th house of life, death, transformation and rebirth. Death news is always possible, along with inheritance and joint finances, taxes, and insurance. Enjoy the positive energy's these next few weeks bring.

Virgo: Any business endeavors done now will flourish later. This energy is cruising your 7th house of marriage, partnerships(business), and contracts. Your domestic life will improve, and some Virgos may even propose or take the next step and live together.

Libra: There will be improvement with health matters and a new job may be on the horizon. This energy is effecting the 6th house of health and employment so there is luck all around . Be positive, and positive will happen!

Scorpio: You will see positive changes in your love life, and a new love may enter now.. You will be very magnetic and sensual. This energy is cruising your 5th house of love, romance, and children. They will bring you a lot of joy these next few weeks. Enjoy!

Sagittarius: You maybe be wheeling and dealing with a new home purchase or sale. The 4th house of home, family, mother , and emotions. is governed here. It will be a happy time with family celebrations, good food, and even some spring redecorating on there agenda. A happy home is a blessed home!

Capricorn: Your mental clarity and intuitive abilities will be accurate. You will hear good news by mail, phone or email. Your 3rd house of communication, short trips, and writing is activated. Speaking will come easy, and if there was ever a time to start writing that book...its now, Capricorn!

Aquarius: Positive news with finances, and wealth. Investments will make you money in the long run. Your self-esteem improves and very positive vibes all around.

Pisces: This is you're Moon Pisces. Its time to tap into your creative, and artistic side. Intuition will be strong and the changes made in the next few weeks will be progressive in nature. The stars shine on you.

The next few weeks will bring wonderful energy for many of us. However, even in waxing Moon phases, bad things can happen. It is a time for growing spiritually, educationally, holistically, and cosmically.

Blessed Be!


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