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New Moon Forecast in Cancer

We have a New Moon in Cancer on Friday, July 9,2021 @ 9:17 p.m. EDT. Let us not forget that this moon is in its governing sign, for Cancer rules the Moon and our emotions, and the Sun is also in Cancer. Our emotions will be in full force and many of us will have a more nurturing approach to things. Many people will be buying or selling homes, relocating, redecorating or focusing on home issues, and motherly situations that need attention.

Just because the moon is new many of us will feel like being alone due to the hi-intense emotional energy coming from this moon phase, throw in a T-Square happening on Sunday July 11th between Moon, Uranus, and Saturn, and hibernation just might be on you're agenda. Steer clear of petty arguments for they will put you on the defensive side, and they will not serve your better self. However, this energy will bring about beginnings and ending for many of us in all phases of our own lives. The Unites States is ruled by Cancer and we as a nation will feel it in some way.

The more positive aspect of this phase is relaxation with our loved ones. The family circle is emphasized, and its a wonderful time for cooking, BBQ's, gardening, swimming, fishing, and shopping for kitchenware, gardening supplies, real estate, and anything related to the water will all be blessed under these stars.

All water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) will feel this Moon's energy the most, and of course, all you Dragon head/tails in Cancer, rising, or moon signs. The water signs will be extra intuitive now. It would be a good time to bring one along if you seek the opinion of others, they will be able to see, and feel the energy.

Magickal Folk: I just love Cancer Moons, not because they make me cry, sometimes but because it is the perfect time for divination, tarot, spell work for fertility, as Cancer does rule the womb and breasts. It is also the perfect time to manifest that home you desire, connect with you're female deities and do healing rituals for the chest and stomach.

Happy Magick Making!

Zodiac Forecast for July 9,2021 - July 22,2021

Aries: It's going to be a happy time for you Aries. This energy is cruising your 4th house of family and home. You will hear good news about your family, and may even buy a new home. Either way, you will have a smile on your face.

Taurus: Taking up a new study or planning a short trip will benefit both physically, and mentally. Communication will be busy and your 3rd house is activated, and positive news might be in the mail or by phone call. Siblings will be chatty and happy times are ahead.

Gemini: Using Cancers energy to invest in real estate, food commodities, water, businesses of hospitality and restaurants. This is cruising your 2nd house of wealth, possessions and self-esteem. The stars shine on you Gemini for investing in a home, stocks, crypto and great financial deals are ahead.

Cancer: Well Cancer, progressive changes are ahead for you. The next two weeks shine on you to set plans into action. This is you're 1st house, your souls purpose in life. Enjoy this positive energy but don't let the empath in you take on others emotions. You are the most sensitive sign in the zodiac and can get strung out on the negative energy of others. Do what you like, do what you love, and be happy.

Leo: The past returns in some way and deep metaphysical knowledge will be given. With Mars and Venus cruising your 1st house, love and passion is possible. However, you have the Moon and the Sun stationed in your 12th house of the subconscious in Cancer; Listen to those dreams for they will give insight into the future and emotions run deep. Do not wear your heart on your sleeve.

Virgo: Wishes will be granted these next few weeks. Your friendships expand as you meet new people and get out and socialize. Your friends will bring your wishes to frustration and some Virgos may be struggling with housing issues or domestic problems due to the dragon tail in Sagittarius in the 4th house of home. Enjoy these next few weeks!

Libra: Positive and progressive changes ahead with your career and public standings. You will be praised or rewarded for your accomplishments. These next two weeks are the green light for career changes for the better.

Scorpio: Its time Scorpio, time to advance your knowledge with higher learning and possibly plan a trip to far away places. Foreigners will touch your life in some way, and any court issues to deal with should work out in your favor...unless you're guilty.

Sagittarius: This energy cruises your 8th house ( the darkest house). You or your partner may experience legacies, inheritance and joint wealth. Investments will pay off and the ones made these next two weeks will flourish latter on.

Capricorn: Great business opportunities are ahead with new partnerships. Some Cappy's may get engaged or married and the possibility of a new love is possible. Don't be the Hermit card, get out more, and meet new people.

Aquarius: If there were any issues with health, it will improve now. Better opportunities for new employment and how you make money will be offered to you. positive and progressive changes are ahead, enjoy!

Pisces: Well Pisces, this hits your 5th house of love, romance, children and creativity. Very positive news is coming in all these areas. Love is in the air and the children will bring you luck and joy. Enjoy these next few weeks filled with fun and happiness.

This will be my last free forecast and "Days of Caution." Starting Aug.1st and every 1st of the month there after my subscribers will get every month their days of caution for the entire month so that my followers can plan their month accordingly and with the stars. I will also be sharing full forecasts, things to come in 2022 and beyond. I will be sharing more financial news, especially about crypto. My subscribers will also get discounts on my services and product in store too. When specials are run it will be my subscribers that are taken care of first.

Blessed New Moon!

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