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New Moon Forecast Jan.24,2020

We started off the week with a Sun sign change into Aquarius on Jan.20th and happy birthday too you, Aquarius! This new energy will focus on universal love, and group energies. The focus this week will be about using your head and not your heart, and making big changes in life.

A New Moon in Aquarius greets us on Friday, January 24,2020 @ 4:42 p.m EST. This celestial energy is all about friendships, universal love,groups,science,electronics,astrology,UFO'S, technology, and surprising developments. The next few weeks are the perfect time to forge forward and set plans into action. Positive and progressive changes are ahead, and nice surprises are common. All air signs will benefit the most from this energy making for a very nice couple of weeks.

With this energy it also brings its negative side with "Days of Caution" for Jan.24/25/26 shocking news,explosions, eruptions,earthquakes,weather issues, the strange and bizzare, UFO's ,NASA,Space X, science and technology. All of these topics will be in the news one way or another.

We end the week with a Lunar New Year and the year of the Rat on Jan.25,2020. The year of the Rat may not be the most loved in the Chinese zodiac but he certainly has qualities of vitality, positiveness, and awareness.

Magickal Folk: With the New Moon in the futuristic sign of Aquarius, spell work for friendships,freedom,science (Alchemy) extrasensory abilities, creative expression and breaking bad habits will be blessed. Any magick done for ailments of the calves,ankles, circulatory system, and blood are all powerful at this time, especially blood magick( your own blood, of course) for healing and habit breaking.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Friends will bring you wishes and great opportunities are ahead and within the social circle. You're very lucky now!

Taurus: Progressive changes with your career, learning a new technology or a new job.

Gemini: Opportunities for higher learning,travel and even publishing may be offered to you.

Cancer: With the right investments money can be made. Legacy, inheritance and joint finances may be the theme this week. Help is on the way!

Leo: Progressive changes within your partnerships and business life. Some may think about deeper commitments.

Virgo: Significant changes are ahead with work. Your health should see improvement at this time also.

Libra: Positive changes in your love life are ahead. Luck with children, they will make you happy.

Scorpio: You may decide its time to move or redecorate but change is coming on the domestic front in a positive way.

Sagittarius: Travel and short trips maybe on the agenda for the next few weeks. The mental process will be active.

Capricorn: Positive financial changes are ahead, and with Jupiter sitting right on your 1st house, you cant lose.

Aquarius: This energy is right on you and new opportunities will present themselves. The next few weeks are very lucky for Aquarius. Enjoy!

Pisces: Keep your thoughts positive and listen to your dreams for they have meaning now. Its almost as if you can tap into the future thru your subconscious and dream state. Lucky you!

Enjoy the next few weeks as this is the green light for new starts and progressive changes. Blessed Mew Moon to all.

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