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New Moon Forecast - July 31,2019

New Moon in Leo (Black Moon) on July 31st/ Aug.1st @ 8:12 PM Pacific Time. This lunatation will be all about enjoying the long days of summer. This New Moon energy is all about love, romance,children, and our creative side. Many love affairs start now, and romance is everywhere. The stars will shine upon many of us, and where ever you have Leo placed in your chart, you will feel the strength of the Sun empowering you. Wishes may be grated to many at this time and we will feel some what lucky.

Leo is the perfect time to spruce yourself up.Pay a visit to your hairdresser,dermatologist, or shop for something that is shiny, and sparkles. We will want to be noticed now. This energy will make us feel like kids again, and it wouldn't hurt to get out in the sunshine with your own children/grandchildren and have some fun. This is the perfect time for a family day out to the beach,lake,amusement park, zoo, or picnic, and the kids will have lasting memories and bring joy to all.

Read my weekly forecast for "Days of Caution" planet changes, and making magick for the week of July 29th here :

Have a wonderful two weeks, and get out there and make life happen.

Your Two Week Forecast by House and Sign:

Aries: Taking chances now will be beneficial later on. Your love life gets a boost and fun with the children will bring you much happiness.

Taurus: Your home life will improve,and moving or redecorating your surrounds is possible.The home will be socially busy and pleasing now.

Gemini: The mental process will be sharp and in good spirits.Short trips will bring joy. Good news might come from mail/email or phone.

Cancer: Great news with money, and investments made now will be beneficial later. Your self -esteem improves so go out and buy yourself something pretty.

Leo: The Sun and the Stars shine on you the next two weeks. New opportunities and doors will open for many lucky Leo's. Love,success and children will be big factors and happiness is obtainable. Happy Birthday Leo!

Virgo: This energy brings a feeling as if the clouds have lifted.Your subconscious is stronger now and intuition is spot on.Listen to those dreams to guide you. Children and family will be on your mind.

Libra: Your social life will be filled with fun and joy.Friends bring wishes, and new friends will be make. Good times all around Libra!

Scorpio: Some of your accomplishments will get noticed, and your career will improve.Progressive changes are coming in your business sector.

Sagittarius: Time to take flight and make those travel plans to foreign lands. Foreign people will be drawn to you, and speaking,philosophy will make you even more intriguing. Might be lucky in gambling too.

Capricorn: You will benefit from other peoples money and joint finances.Deep discussions and studies are common. Your libido will skyrocket this month Capricorn so get ready.

Aquarius: New projects,business endeavors and contracts signed will bring success. Some might take a deeper step in their domestic relations or even get married or move in together. Enjoy this positive energy!

Pisces: Improvement with your health or a perfect time for a check up.New opportunities for better employment are going to be available to you.

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