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New Moon Forecast- June 3,2019

A New Moon in Gemini on Monday,June 3 @ 6:02 a.m. EDT. Gemini is all about intellectual pursuits,communication, transportation,(green light now for buying a car),writing,publishing,travel plans,and getting in touch with brothers and sisters, and traveling and foreigners and foreign places will be the spotlight the next few weeks.Both the Sun and Moon are in Gemini adding restlessness and impatience to many of us this week. We will need to ground ourselves this week, especially if we have a lot of Gemini in our charts. I'm hoping with all this Gemini energy that there will be better communication among our foreign leaders. Lets not forget that POTUS is a Gemini with a Dragons head in Gemini , and this energy is right on him. It will either go well or very bad for him but he is operating on his lucky days so maybe the British influence will make him behave like a proper gentleman for a change.

Two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Excellent news coming via phone, mail or internet. Brothers and sisters will be in touch and your phone bill will increase

Taurus: Your financial situation is looking up. New business investment and endeavors is common under these stars.

Gemini: The moons energy is right on you. Very lucky time for you Geminis.Get out there and make it happen.

Cancer: Your dreams become messages.Secrets will be reveled but best if kept to yourself for now.

Leo: Fantastic news is ahead and dreams and wishes will come true due to your beautiful friends making it happen.

Virgo: Your career looks promising, and you are a natural with writing,communicating and publishing. Make it happen!

Libra: This is the perfect time to make travel plans. You are blessed with foreigners and foreign lands, and gambling might bring you some luck now.

Scorpio: Deep esoteric and spiritual studies,retreats, and meditation will benefit you now. Other peoples money will touch you directly and legacy is common.

Sagittarius: Your partnerships and business contacts improve. Relationships are about to begin.Marriage or a deeper commitment will be on the table.

Capricorn: Employment and service to the world opportunities will be happening now.Change to a better job and better health is blessed under these stars.

Aquarius: Children will bring joy and good news in affairs of the heart and your creativity.

Pisces: Plans to move to a new home,redecorate, or remodel are possible now. Home life will make you happy and a new car, cell phone or anything dealing with transportation and communication will be blessed now.

Magical Folk: New Moons in Gemini are the perfect time for dealing with better communication, change of residence, writing, publishing, and travel. Any healing rituals for ailments of the lungs,respiratory system, arms, legs and shoulders are all blessed under this energy.

Have a wonderful and blessed New Moon.


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