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New Moon in Aquarius Forecast

We have a very busy week ahead. We start with "Days of Caution" from Feb.2 - 6th. Once again shocking news will make the headlines this week where even strange, bizarre, the impossible and unbelievable can happen. Uranic energy always brings insane weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, sudden release of energy and earth changes. Science, UFOs, Space X, nukes, aeronautics, NASA, technology and Asia always make the headlines in some sort of way.

We have a New Moon in Aquarius on Feb.4 @ 4:04 pm EST. Now is the time to invest in electronics,cellphones,computers and technology in general. Its time to think outside the box with innovative ideas. Progressive times are ahead.There will be a few surprises along the way but with the waxing moon it shouldn't be too upsetting. All you UFO hunters, this is a great time to look to the stars for our futuristic brothers. Making new friends and joining social groups are common at this time too.

On Feb.5 we have Chinese New Year and the Year of the Pig.The Pig represents wealth,money and greed, and can make some very lazy. I will post more about this later. On Feb.10 Mercury moves into Pisces and this can spell trouble for many with

miscommunication,misunderstandings and some may feel like they are in a daze or very sleepy. People born with this placement will be artistic,intuitive and have a powerful imagination. The downfall to this placement is lack of rational thought and a destructive imagination. The advanced soul will dwell with highly spiritual and artistic endeavors such as astrology, teaching,writing and homeopathic healing.

Now on to your two week new Moon forecast in Aquarius, by house and sign:

Aries: Your social life will get a boost and new friends and people will enter your life at this time. Even a long time wish of your's will come true via a good friend because friends bring wishes.

Taurus: Your career and public life will get a boost.Possible career change,advancement or acknowledgement for a job well done. Reach for the stars!

Gemini: Good luck with foreigners,making travel plans, publishing,and writing. You may want to take on a higher learning or study. Education and travel are blessed under these stars.

Cancer: Good news with joint finances, taxes and insurance and your domestic partners finances. Inheritances and combined money bring much luck.Your sexuality is heightened at this time too.

Leo: Your domestic life will be rewarding.Some Leos will get married or live together. Big changes in both partnerships and business life. Be positive!

Virgo: Change is coming to your work life..all for the positive ,of course. And your health should see a significant improvement. You may feel more motivated to be healthy at this time.

Libra: Your love life will get a big boost and children will bring you great luck and pleasure. Your creativity will be inspiring.

Scorpio: Positive changes within the home and emotional enviroment. A move or redecorating is in order. The family circle will be tight and much joy is around the home front.

Sagittarius: Communication, getting in touch with siblings,friends and short trips will be on the agenda. You will travel and make plans to foreign lands either in the physical realm or the internet realm.

Capricorn: You will have some positive financial changes ahead of you and they maybe within the world of the internet and internet business.Your self esteem will improve now too.

Aquarius: This energy is right on you, Aquarius and new opportunities are about to arise. When one door closes another will open..its opening, now is the time. You cant lose!

Pisces: Your subconscious will be positive and dreams prophetic.Reach for the stars and don't swim downstream towards addiction and illusions.

Have a wonderful week everyone. Blessings!

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