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New Moon in Aries

The New Moon is in action, oriented Aries on Tuesday, (Mars Day) March 21, 2023, at 1:23 p.m. EST. The Aries New Moon energy is always about strength, power, speed, action, endurance, stamina, and confidence. These next few weeks will be a wonderful time to progress forward, set plans into action, and bring the success you desire. Make it happen!

The positive side of this Aries New Moon is to focus on what can be achieved. Those plans you have made and prepared for these past few weeks are a green light now, be ready, take action, and start new projects and fresh ideas. Aries New Moons are very positive on a personal, and business level; they give you the resolve, determination, and willpower to stick to those health commitments you made in the Virgo Full Moon.

However, on a global aspect, this New Moon can bring aggressiveness, impatience, reckless speed, fighting, and war-like energy. Mars is the Lord of War and Aries is its governing planet. It rules war and warfare, fighting, anger, aggression, fire, and explosive energies. I'm hoping with the moon in its new and waxing phase, it won’t be as bad but this is also where we all need to watch our tone with others. Mars is still in Gemini (communication) until March 25th then it moves into Cancer, and Mercury is in Aries which means to watch what you say to others or it could trigger violent behavior.

We must instill balance and harmony to progress these next few weeks because with any Equinox whether Spring or Fall, it’s a time to bring inner balance and harmony into our lives. All fire signs Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, and Libras will feel this moon’s energy the most but also all souls born with a moon, sun, rising, or dragon's head/tail in Aries will feel this lunar energy strongly. All fire signs are extremely magnetic.

Most souls born with a Moon in Aries will be very impatient, aggressive, and competitive, and may push their inner will to achieve power and a place of position. This is a masculine fire sign and does create issues with the mother figure in some ways. The key to this placement will be discipline, diplomacy, and patience. Aries's downfall will be impatience, and lack of discipline, which can result in head injuries. Take the lead but think before you make action. Putting a little forethought into things will go a long way. The key to this placement will be discipline, diplomacy, and patience.

As we go into this New Moon in Aries we also have a stellium of Aries energy that will intensify its energies. The Lord of communication, Mercury is in Aries as of March 19th, Jupiter, The Lord of Luck and wealth is in Aries until May 10th, 2023 and the Sun and Moon will both be in Aries creating very hyper energy, Many of us will feel antsy, full of life, and ready for action.

Magickal Folk

Aries New Moons are all about taking charge, planning new endeavors, and making progress. Spell work to achieve leadership, authority, willpower, and rebirth. Contrary to what many practitioners believe, some of the most baneful Magick can be conjured up during a New Moon phase, especially in Aries/Mars/Lord of War. Using Aries energy on your enemies, can pack a powerful punch, and show no mercy. Conjure wisely!

Also, any sort of ritual work for ailments of the head, brain, neck, and face is favored now. This would be the perfect time to purchase daggers, claymores, and anthems (for magickal purposes). Guns and ammo are also blessed under this new moon and the perfect time to buy firearms but it's also the perfect time to put that gun on your altar, bless it, enchant it, and invoke it with power so it protects you. The general rule of thumb: is never to buy firearms or weapons in a waning moon phase. Always purchase when the moon is waxing, especially in Aries.

Blessed New Moon to all!

These next few weeks will be wonderful for striving to do better in our personal lives and setting up solid plans and foundations for later on. However, Aries's energy always brings man's ego, and thirst for power with conflicts, power struggles, protests, revolts, and the possibility of war is very common.

We will deal with issues these next few weeks involving more money and finance issues, and more violence could prevail worldwide. The U.S.A. and Great Britain make headlines towards the end of the month, and some will experience forced relocation due to bad weather, wars, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

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These next few weeks are a time for action, staying busy, and also to focus on you and your family. The days are at even strength and we must instill balance and harmony in order to work efficiently. The news will be bad, it always is. So turn it off, get out, and enjoy the rebirth of mother nature as flowers bud, birds chirp, and bees buzz once again. Have a picnic, go for a long walk, or take the kids to the park to burn off some energy. Whatever you do, get out there and smell Springtime.

Be safe and blessings!

Astro -Strega

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