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New Moon in Aries April 1,2022

We have a New Moon on Friday, April 1, 2022 in the fiery sign of Aries. This moons energy is all about power, action, endurance, and confidence. The positive side of an Aries New Moon is to focus on what can be achieved. Putting plans into action and starting new projects. The negative to this energy is war, bloodshed, fighting, impatience, and reckless speed. We must instill balance and harmony in order to progress these next few weeks. I worry with Mercury (Lord of Communication) in aggressive Mars. This energy will make our speech and tone curt, and abrupt. So...WATCH YOUR WORDS!

Souls born with a Moon in Aries will be very impatient, aggressive and competitive, and may push their inner will to achieve power and a place of position. This is a masculine fire sign and does create issues with the mother figure in some ways. The key to this placement will be discipline, diplomacy, and patience. Aries downfall will be impatience, and lack of discipline, which can result in head injuries. Take the lead but think before you make an action. Putting a little forethought into things will go a long way.

These next few weeks are a green light to launch any endeavors and take action, where action is needed. This moon will give you the confidence, energy, courage, and stamina to do whatever it is you want to do. Make the most of these next few weeks because action brings success.

All fire signs (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries) will feel this moons energy the most but also the moon; rising and dragons head/tail feel this fiery pull as well. With dreamy and intuitive Venus moving into Pisces this week, some of that fire may be watered down just a bit. The key is to proceed with action but do use the power of intuitive Pisces to help you make the right choices. Listen to your gut feeling more. It will serve you well.

Magickal Folk: Aries New Moons are perfect for working spells to achieve leadership, authority, willpower, and rebirth. Healing rituals of the head, brain and, face are good too.

Contrary to what many practitioners believe, some of the most baneful Magick can be conjured up during a New Moon phase, especially in Aries/Mars/Lord of War. Using Aries energy on your enemies, can pack a powerful punch, and show no mercy. Conjure wisely!

Wishing you all a very blessed “New Moon in Aries.” As we proceed these next few weeks, the energy is perfect for our own personal endeavors and actions to advance. It’s the world at large that I’m worried about, and with Aries in action and Mercury (communication) in Aries until the 10th of April when it moves into Taurus. I do fear the war in Ukraine will escalate until it gets better.


Astro –Strega

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