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New Moon in Aries Forecast

New Moon on April 5,2019 @ 4:50 A.M EDT in the active sign of Aries. This is new energy,out with the old and in with the new. Time to set those plans you have been making into action. Start an new endeavor, exercise plan,diet or even a new hair-do is what you need. This moon has a lot of energy and might help many of us become more inclined to get active and do things ,outdoors of course.

Aries is also an explosive and even destructive sign at times. Be prepared for reports on violence,wars, any type of explosions and fires all fall under this energy...New moon or not, somewhere in the world the negative energy will prevail some how. We as humans must use the new moons energy for our own personal goals and achievements and let the cosmically unconscious fight among themselves.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This New Moon is right on you. Its all about new starts,and new beginnings. Get going with life.

Taurus: Dreams give answers at this time. Past issues resurface and secrets are exposed.

Gemini: Lucky, lucky,lucky is what you are. New friends and wishes come true this month.

Cancer: Your career, achievements, and accomplishments will see progress now.

Leo: New educational pursuits,studies, foreigners and foreign affairs are common now. Time to plan that trip now!

Virgo: Joint finances will bring profit. Good news with taxes,investments, and legal affairs.

Libra: A new partner or even taking the next step is possible. Signing contracts and new business deals could be on the agenda too.

Scorpio: As long as you don't stress over the things you cant control, your health will improve. Changes in the work world may be needed now.

Sagittarius: A new love will make you smile.Children will bring you joy and you will be happy.

Capricorn: Changes to the home life and its structure. This is a good time to check those fire alarms because the fiery Aries moon is in your home sector.

Aquarius: Your communication skills will be sharp and brothers and sisters may contact you.Good news is ahead by mail,phone or email.

Pisces: Your self-esteem improves and so does your finances. New ideas will be given.

Have a wonderful New Moon. Blessings!

By Alex Myles

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