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New Moon in Aries Forecast

There is nothing lazy about an Aries New Moon. The planet of action, movement, and turbo charged energy is shining bright. The New Moon takes place on Sunday, April 11/12,2021 @ 10:31 pm. EDT. If there was ever a time to put plans into action, it would be now. Aries moon energy is all about power, endurance, actions, aggressions, and making or creating something for yourself. We must harness this Aries energy in its positive state. The negative side to Aries is war, bloodshed, fighting, impatience, and reckless speed.

Even when the Moon is waxing in Aries it can produce conflicts, arguments and sometimes even war. Mercury (communication) is also in Aries making conversation straightforward, argumentative, and to the point with very little tact. This is where this energy can get you in to trouble, especially with a strong Aries, Mars and 3rd house energy. Diplomacy will be key when dealing with others. I highly recommend immersing your self in a home project because the Aries energy of both the Sun and Moon will make us want to be more active and creative. Taking up an exercise routine or vigorous activity would be great at this time.

Aries rules ammunition, guns, and firearms, knives, swords, claymores, and combat weapons. This is the perfect time to make these purchases as even weapons that kill, if bought in the right stars will protect. However, if these weapons are bought in the wrong stars, chances are pretty good you will have to use them to defend, and may even be used to harm you too. Never purchase firearms or cutlery in a waning moon phase. With the stars, there is always a place and time to do things. Follow those rules and be blessed.

Magickal Folk: This is the perfect time to purchase Anthems as they are blessed by the Aries/Fire/Wand energy. Spells and rituals for personal growth, rebirth, leadership, authority, and willpower. Making healing salves, tinctures, teas and lotions for ailments of the head, brain, and face are perfect to evoke this Aries Moon energy. Merry Magick Making!

New Moon in Aries Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This is your moon, Aries. The changes and progress you make today will have significant outcomes for you later. The key here is to have a plan of action and to have patience. Plants' don't grow over night. These next few weeks shine on you, enjoy.

Taurus: Your subconscious mind will be active but try not to over think the past. Your mind can become very overactive and jump to conclusions, so get the facts. Move forward, listen to your dreams, and make time for meditation. yoga, or exercise.

Gemini: You will be a very active, and a busy bee these next few weeks. Your social life will be active, and new friends may appear in your life. The Aries energy may make you feel like bike riding, rock climbing or skydiving. One of your wishes just might come true at the hands of a good friend. Be blessed!

Cancer: There is lots of action, and activity within your career, accomplishments or achievements'. Your hard work will not be over looked and new opportunities could be on the horizon. Do not over exert yourself and do take time for yourself or the stress will make you ungrounded and maybe a little moody.

Leo: Your excited to make those travel plans, meet foreigners and seek out foreign lands. Just stay domestic until after Jan.22,2022. Taking up new studies and publishing could be on the agenda. Any legal issues dealt with now will generally work in your favor if justice is on your side.

Virgo: Your sexuality will be heightened and the libido becomes turbo charged. Also any investments made now will flourish later on. This energy can also bring news of legacy or inheritance.

Libra: Progressive changes within your domestic dynamics. Some may get married, propose or co habitat together. New business partners and contracts are also possible now. The next few weeks brings lots of progress.

Scorpio: You will get serious now about your health and well being. Taking up any sort of physical activity will do wonders mentally and physically. If its new employment that you seek, these two weeks are a green light to find better work.

Sagittarius: Love is in the air, Sag. You will be very magnetic and attract many admires and other fire signs. Good news with children, and some may be pregnant or planning a family. The next two weeks will bring a surge of creativity to the table. Happy times ahead, enjoy.

Capricorn: Your home will be the focus these next few weeks. Your household will be buzzing with action and we will focus on home projects like remodeling, gardening, and redecorating. Spending time with family will bring you joy too.

Aquarius: Communication becomes much better and good news arrives by mail or phone. You can become more argumentative in these stars so think first, speak second. New wheels are a possibility too. Your phone might be very active with siblings, friends and relatives calling you. Its the perfect time to sneak away for a short trip into nature. Your soul will thank you later.

Pisces: Good news and progressive changes with self-esteem, money and finances. You will have to make quick decisions' when it comes to money but these next few weeks you might have the Midas touch. Lucky you!

Aries New Moon energy is very positive in nature but the world at large isn't cosmically conscious. Even in a waxing New Moon phase Aries can spark war, conflict and danger. Even in our own stars, where ever Mars is placed by house and sign, this is where the desire principle plays into our stars but also where danger can lurk. Know your stars and know your positive and negative vibrations. Have a blessed New Moon and be safe out there.

Blessed be!

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