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New Moon in Cancer

We have a New Moon in Cancer on Monday, July 17, 2023, at 2:32 p.m. EDT. The Cancer New Moon is in its governing sign giving many of us added intuition and even extra emotions, and empathic vibes all around. Cancer Moons always bring about dramatic weather, earthquakes, volcanos, and earth activity, and some families will experience abrupt relocations. The United States is ruled by Cancer and we as a nation will feel it in many ways along with Great Britain too.

The Cancer Moons are generally family oriented and usually, the focus is all about the family circle, cookouts, family gatherings, and spending quality time with children, parents, and grandparents. This beautiful Cancer energy has a nurturing effect on many of us. This is where the kids are running around, the old folks are talking, arguing, or gossiping in the living or dining room. Some are in the kitchen, cooking and sipping wine. Either way, family events, celebrations, or just Sunday BBQs are a perfect fit for a Cancer New Moon.

This energy can also bring about beginnings and endings within our business life and partnerships. Some souls will be moving on to new opportunities or new business partnerships, and some will be getting married or making a much deeper commitment. Investments in real estate and relocations will be blessed. Either way, change is ahead for many of us, in all phases of our lives.

It will be the water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) that will feel this Moon's energy the strongest. The water signs will be extra intuitive and extremely magnetic. All souls born with a Sun, Moon, rising, and a natal or hidden Dragons head or tail in Cancer, will feel this energy just as strongly, if not more. Capricorn feels this moon as well because both Cancer and Capricorn are strongly ruled by the moon, and their polar opposites so Cancer can see life as a Capricorn, and Capricorn can see life as a Cancer.

The more positive side of this Cancer Moon is to get outside into the sunshine. July is the month of beaches, sand, surf, and fun in the sun. Enjoying some gardening, fishing, camping, river rafting, and water activities are all blessed under this moon.

Magickal Folk

The Cancer Moons can be very intense and emotional but that is more the case for the Full Moon rather than the new. Cancer is very intuitive and as such it is the perfect time for divination, tarot, pendulum work, and rituals related to home, hearth, and real - estate. Cancer does rule the womb and breasts in astro - medical world and any spell work for fertility will be powerful and devotional work to the Goddess or Divine Feminine is good too. It is also the perfect time to manifest that dream home you have been desiring.

Happy Magick Making!

This is what Patreon receives and I am only sharing the forecast for Cancer since it is Cancer Season.


Well, Cancer, This is your moon, right on you, the 1st house of self, soul's purpose, appearance, new beginnings, and your attitude. The next two weeks will shine on you to set plans into action where progressive changes are ahead for you. Enjoy this positive energy and focus on yourself, and what you want to achieve in life. Do not let your natural empath feelings control you or take on others' emotions at this time. This moon is all about you and with Mars in Virgo, cruising your 3rd house, the mental clarity will be off the hook and so will your communication skills. Just watch your tone with others as Virgo can be sarcastic at times.

The Cancer new moon will indulge many areas of our lives. This is the time to enjoy the children as July is the zenith of summer, especially for many children who return back to school in August. It is a time to enjoy the outdoors, enjoy a picnic, go to your favorite watering hole to cool off or get ice cream.

However, you spend your summer, make it memorable, and I am wishing you all a very blessed new moon filled with love, light, and golden opportunities.


Astro - Strega

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