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New Moon in Cancer Forecast

The New Moon is on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 @ 10:52 p.m. EDT. It is in the family oriented and emotional sign of Cancer, where it signals that summer has arrived and so has Cancer season. With the Moon and the Sun in Cancer, and being at its closest to earth, our emotions can be on full display, both positive, and negative. Many of us, especially those with a lot of Cancer or water in ones chart will feel like taking on a more nurturing approach to things. The water signs will be extra intuitive now, so listen to them. All water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will be very magnetic and feel this energy strongly. Also all souls born with a Sun, Moon, Rising, or Natal/hidden Dragon in Cancer feel it intensely too.

Cancer New Moons also signify a Moonic phase is right around the corner and you can bet the U.K, and U.S.A., make the news. This energy usually brings about beginnings and ending for many of us, in all phases of our lives. There can be abrupt changes and forced relocations due to wars and other worldly catastrophes. Fault lines wake up and Mother Nature becomes very active and deadly, dangerous in some regions of the world.

The more positive spectrum of this New Moon in Cancer is family time, security, mother figure energy, and rest and relaxation with our loved ones. The family circle is emphasized, and it’s a wonderful time for cooking, BBQ's, gardening, swimming, fishing, and shopping for kitchenware, gardening supplies, real estate, and anything related to the water will all be blessed under these stars.

Magickal Folk: Cancer Moon is the perfect time to tap into Moon Energy and Moon Magick. Moon Goddess energy is favored now. Cancer is very intuitive so working divination such as tarot, pendulum, and clairvoyance will serve you well. Any type of spell work for fertility, and having a healthy childbirth are all blessed under these stars since Cancer does rule the breasts and womb. Cancer also rules the 4th house of home/real-estate/security and is the perfect time to manifest that home you desire. It is time to connect with your female deities and do healing rituals for the chest, breasts and stomach/womb.

Happy Magick Making!

Every time I do the New Moon in Cancer Forecast I know summer is here. The new moon is usually a time of abundance, joy, growing and being out in the sunshine. However, we are living through one of the most violent times in American History. We have forgotten how to “Live, and let Live.” People live in fear of going into crowds, events and children fear going to school. The New England Journal of Medicine said, “Since 2016, the gap has narrowed [between motor-vehicle death], and in 2020, fire arm related injuries became the leading cause of death in [children and adolescents].”

I always tell you to stay out of crowds during Plutonic phases, and give the exact dates for my Patreons but A Scorpio Dragons Tail will always bring a constant flow of death, drama, terrorism(domestic terrorism), and chaos to the world at large. No one is safe and there will be wake up calls for ALL of us. It’s more imperative than ever to watch the stars, learn astrology, metaphysics. And read the signs the universe is showing us. We need to focus on a more Aquarian level of thinking; a kinder and gentler side of life that benefits us all but also do not trust anyone , and keep your guard up at all times; for a negative Scorpius Dragons tail is not to be fussed with.

Blessed New Moon!

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