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New Moon In Cancer July 20,2020

On Monday, July 20,2020 there is a New Moon in Cancer @ 1:33 p.m EDT, and it's making a second tour. June 21, 2020 brought us a Cancer New Moon in 0' degrees and now, another Cancer New Moon on 20th at 28'degrees. This is a rare occasion, and it's all about a rewind,doing it again but better. Its not necessarily a second chance but it's definitely an opportunity to review last month,see where one could have done better, and make the needed changes this time around.

Cancer New Moons are all about family,emotions, the home front,real estate,food, family get together's,BBQ's, buying and selling a home,moving, relocation, and redecorating. This also represents beginning and endings of certain parts of human life. It represents the United States, and this country will make headlines. Many will be forced by abrupt relocation due to natural events and situations. This also brings me to "Days of Caution" for July 18,19,20,21. We move into a Moonic phase where Mother Earth comes alive and natural disasters are very common. Relocation is possible for many souls due to this energy.The U.S.A always makes headlines in this energy too.

Magickal Folk: Working magick for the home,hearth,and domestic environments are blessed. Healing rituals of the breasts,stomach and womb, and any spells for fertility or pregnancy will all be favored under this New Moon in Cancer energy. Happy Magick making!

Two Week Forecast by House and Sign:

Aries: Happy and positive news relating to your home.Family time and happy, positive energy all around. Enjoy!

Taurus: Wonderful news will arrive via mail,email, or phone. A weekend getaway might help ground you, and an internet class might be in order too. Siblings will be in touch.

Gemini: Positive situations with money and finances. The opportunity to invest in crypto,real-estate or an investment will pay off later. Better days ahead financially.

Cancer: Well, lucky you! Another New Moon in your 1st house, right on you. Progressive changes are ahead. Last months New Moon might not have brought you what you needed but now you have an opportunity to go back,observe where you went wrong, and do it all over again but better, and get what you want this time.

Leo: It is now time to STOP beating yourself up for past mistakes because the past offers no future. Focus on better health and employment endeavors and listen to your dreams.

Virgo: New friends will be made, and social events and gatherings are possible. Friends will bring some of your dearest wishes.

Libra: Progressive changes with your career, and accomplishments. New opportunities are foot.

Scorpio: Connections with foreigners and foreign places will benefit you. Investing in higher education and learning will pay off.

Sagittarius: A legacy may benefit you. Joint finances and others money may help you in the long run. Sexuality is heightened.

Capricorn: New business relationships or a domestic partnership might be on the horizon. Sign those contracts within the next two weeks.

Aquarius: Improvements to your health and with your working environment. You will see positive changes in the next few weeks.

Pisces: The universe will bless you with good news relating to your love life, and the children will bring you joy. Use your creativity to make something beautiful.

The next two weeks will be filled with family time, home improvements, and focusing on home and hearth. Many of us have been or still are "shelter in place" and some of us, not.Many states are operating differently from others. We are living in extraordinary times,and what I find interesting is that many speak of wearing masks, shelter in place, and washing our hands, which are all good mantas to follow but I don't see anyone telling you how to boost your immune system, and eat foods rich in immune boosting nutrients. and vitamins for fighting diseases and illnesses. Always question everything!

Wishing you all a Blessed New Moon. Blessed be!

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