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New Moon in Capricorn -1/12-13/21

We have a New Moon in Capricorn on Jan.12/13,2021 @ 12:00 a.m. EST. Capricorn is all about discipline, structures, government, politics, snobbery, high society, manipulation and public standing. Capricorn is the devil card in the Tarot. Progressive changes are ahead ,and decisions will have to be made within our own government. Major restructure to take place within the political realm.

Capricorn, on a more positive note represents career opportunities, and business endeavors. You will have accomplishments, and proper, public standings with others. This new moon can make all of us have more patience, discipled, and cunning in planning their next business move. Where ever this New Moon hits by house and sign, responsibilities take place but so do new adventures and ways to climb that mountain just like the slow, steady ,and patient mountain goat always climbing to the top for success.

Magickal Folk: Any type of spell work for political issues, ambition, accomplishments, career endeavors or job spells are perfect for New Moons in Capricorn. Healing rituals for ailments of bones, knees, teeth, and skin should be done at this time.

Before we move to your two week forecast I must warn of "Days of Caution" immediately following this New Moon on Jan. 12/13/14/15. This is Uranic energy, and with it will bring something shocking, bizarre, or unexplainable. This energy rules electricity, earthquakes, volcanos, tornados, bad weather, aeronautical accidents, Space X, E.T,s UFOS.

Even the airline crash was riding on a cusp between Plutonic and Uranic energy creating death, drama, aeronautical accidents and shocking news for those families. This is why I ALWAYS STRESS to never fly in Plutonic or Uranic phases ,especially when the Moon is waning and not in your favor. Respecting universal laws will always save your life.

Two week Forecast:

Aries: New career, business endeavor or promotions are possible. This energy is going to focus on the 10th house of accomplishments, and your achievements this year. Ride the wave!

Taurus: Foreigners and foreign friends will be in touch. New studies are possible, and even planning a trip away are all blessed under these stars. Keep those trips domestic for international travel isn't blessed under a negative Sagittarius Dragon energy.

Gemini: You may hear of a legacy or death as this moon is on your 8th house. On a more happier note; new job opportunities, and success in investments, and finance are ahead.

Cancer: Improvement with more positive partnerships, and domestic changes, for the better. Deeper commitments, marriage proposal's and signing all contracts are blessed these next two weeks.

Leo: Opportunities are ahead, both with employments and lucky breaks. You health will improve and become less of an issue as you begin to feel stronger and healthier now.

Virgo: Lovers provide good advise now and if single, your love life could start to sizzle. Children will also bring much needed joy and luck into your life. Enjoy this beautiful energy!

Libra: In order to make those career changes a success, a relocation maybe in order. Buying, selling homes, home improvements, real-estate, and family matters take the forefront these next two weeks.

Scorpio: Your mental process will have more clarity now, and will give you more control over your emotions. Time to check your finances and make plans for your future. Your siblings will be touch and your phone will be busy.

Sagittarius: You will be "in the money" as financial opportunities and business endeavors come your way. Lucky you!

Capricorn: This is your moon, Cappy. The opportunity to make those needed changes are offered to you. The dark skies are gone with Saturn leaving your governor, Capricorn this past December. Something well deserved is ahead. Make it happen.

Aquarius: Using your gut feelings now will be key. Intuition will be acute, and dreams will bring incite. Secrets will come to light too. Shhhh...say nothing.

Pisces: New friends who are older may enter your life now. One of your dearest friends may surprise you with one of your wishes. New social circles will benefit.

The next two weeks will bring shocking, progressive changes within governments, politics, careers, and structures. This energy is right on U.S.A. 7th house of partnerships and mending fences, and cutting ties will all be on the agenda. We will experience this energy too. Always remember to feed faith, not fear, and promote love, and less hate. Have a blessed New Moon and safe week ahead. Blessing!


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