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New Moon in Diplomatic Libra

New Moon in Libra

We have a beautiful and harmonious New Moon in Libra on Sunday, September 25, 2022@ 5:55 p.m. EDT. Whenever we have a new moon in the diplomatic sign of Libra, you can expect the energy to focus on justice, laws, and affairs of the heart, money, and artistic endeavors. This Moon is all about harmony, diplomacy, peace, justice, marriage, and laws. The double Libra energy with Sun and the Moon both stationed here, and it will be all about new starts, new beginnings, planting seeds and watching them grow. We will feel more inclined to creating a balance between our business and personal lives. Libra rules the 7th house of contracts, marriage, and partnerships. Legal matters and political affairs will be very common too.

This energy plays a significant part in our own psyche, and our spiritual and personal lives. We must reduce the stress in our own lives in order to achieve a balance and harmony within ourselves. Your psyche will thank you for the peace and serenity you give yourself. There are never any substitutes on this issue. This is all for the greater good of our own wellbeing, and what the stars demand of us.

All souls born with strong Libra energy will feel this strongly. All my Sun, Moon, Ascendants, Dragon head or tail in Libra will feel the energy significantly, along with all Air signs and Aries. This energy can make us a bit indecisive and with Mercury Rx, a bit scattered too. Mercury Rx moves into Virgo (dignified) in September 23, 2022. Just remain focused and grounded and enjoy the good vibes all around. This is one of the most beautiful placements for the stars so enjoy the harmonious celestial energy even with it being in Mercury retrograde.

This is the perfect time to get married, propose marriage, and make deeper commitments. We are blessed now to sign contracts, deal with legal matters, courts, and court cases. Business affairs can go smoothly too. Many will feel inclined to creating a loving home environment, redecorate, and of course, fall in love. Libra is ruled by Venus (Goddess of Love) and just like Taurus, similar energy applies. Pampering yourself should be on the agenda but Libra rules the arts and home décor too. Now would be a good time to shop, and find great deals on home decorations, couches, chairs, beautiful art work, and redecorating our homes as Libra is the interior decorator of the zodiac. Libra can also be the psychologist and some may feel the urge to tap into the subconscious mind and see things through Venus eyes. The next few weeks are green lights to sign those contracts, make business deals, invest, plan your future, and proceed forward with life. Enjoy this very beautiful Libra New Moon.

As a friendly reminder, we have six planets in retrograde. We have Mercury which goes direct on October 10, 2022 (Oct.2 in Modern). Mercury Rx is all about planning, preparing, regrouping, and not making any big decisions. We have Pluto going direct on October 28, 2022. Pluto Rx is all about deeper and sometimes darker insight, decluttering, and ridding ourselves of bad habits. Neptune goes direct on December 3, 2022. Neptune Rx is all about lucid dreams, psychic attacks or even overload, and heightened sensitivity. Jupiter goes direct on November 23, 2022. Jupiter Rx is all about self- improvement, inner growth, other ways to make money, and more open to other paths and beliefs. Saturn stays in Rx until January 23, 2023. When Saturn is retro grade we take on added responsibilities and need to learn to set boundaries, slow our pace down and review it all, and overcome challenges. Uranus is Retrograde until January 22, 2023. When Uranus is Rx many of us discover new paths to growth, have heightened intuition, and can be a bit rebellious.

If you have felt that the energy has been off either within yourself or others….this would be why. And all of us are affected by these placements, some more than others due to their own star chart. Having so many planets Rx at one time does wreak havoc on the world at large and people too. Deep breaths and know this energy will pass.

Magickal Folk: Libra New Moons are perfect for creating magick for balance, harmony, love spells, mental stimulation and psychic work. Spells for court and justice issues are excellent to preform now. Healing rituals for ailments of the kidneys and lower back are best done now too.

These next few weeks should be harmonious for the most part with the exception of those “Days of Caution” that Patreon receives. We also have a lot of planets in retrograde making things even more difficult. Enjoy these next few weeks for the next Full Moon goes into Aries and the energy is the opposite of Libra and Venus. Mars, Lord of War takes over and situations like China and Taiwan can escalate.

Wishing everyone a very blessed New Moon.



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