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New Moon in Gemini May 22,2020

The New Moon in Gemini is on Friday, May 22,2020 @ 1:39 p.m EDT. With a new Dragon energy shift into a Gemini axis this will be a powerful New Moon. This energy will be all about our self expression,publishing, writing, communication, and projects relating to communicating;like broadcasting,pod-casting or blogging. Taking up a new studies, writing a book,learning photography,foreign language, and all intellectual pursuits are blessed under these stars. Its about catching up with siblings,family,friends, and neighbors, even if it is thru virtual methods. This also represents short trips, new classes, writing letters, social media, negotiations, and even a set of new wheels or a cell phone.

We have several planet in retro-grade, Pluto,Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter. With this energy it may make the New Moon energy feel burdensome to some. Know that these energies are here for the next several months , and we will have to make the most of it. They are set in place to teach us life lessons, and reflect on the past so we can do better in the future.

Magickal Folk: The New Moon in Gemini will be all about rituals for better communication, moving or relocation, writing, traveling, and all forms of better public relations. This is a great time to help ailments of arms,hands, shoulder area, lungs, and respiratory system.

Two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Your siblings will be in contact with you, and happy news arrives via phone,mail, or internet.Planning short trips, and learning new intellectual pursuits will be blessed.

Taurus: Positive news with business endeavors, and finances will improve for you now.

Gemini: This is your Moon, Gemini! They next two weeks are very positive, and lucky for you.

Cancer: Dreams become prophetic,listen to them. Secrets come to light but must be kept silent for now.

Leo: Great news is ahead with friends,social gatherings, and even your wishes may come true now.

Virgo: Your career gets a boost, and there are many opportunities ahead. If you feel the urge to it.

Libra: Positive news with higher learning,new studies, and planning trips. Foreigners will touch your life, personally.

Scorpio: Issues with joint finances,legacy, and other's money will be the focus. Intimacy and sexuality is heightened.

Sagittarius: A new beginning with a partnership, either personal and domestic or in the realm of your business life.

Capricorn: Good opportunities are ahead with work, and employment. Your health gets better too.

Aquarius: Children will make you happy. Love and romance improve, and your creativity will be unstoppable.

Pisces: Changes are coming to the home front.Change of address,redecorating, buying and selling real estate, and even a new car might be in the forecast.

The next few weeks will be a positive energy for the most part. New starts, new beginnings, new ideas, classes, tweets, short trips, new friends, better communication, and the stars are blessing you right now for the opportunity to purchase new wheels, cell phones, and all forms of communication will be blessed under these stars. have a wonderful week.


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