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New Moon in Leo 7/28/22

We have a double shot of Leo energy happening on Thursday, July 28, 2022 @1:58 p.m. EDT. This new moon is where the Leo energy will make us all feel like kids again. We want to have fun, party, enjoy the finer things in life. Leo rules the 5th house of joy, love, romance, children and our own creativity. Romances intensify and the children will bring joy and happiness into our lives.

Where ever this dual Sun/Moon energy lands in your chart, by house and sign, it will set significant changes for the better in one’s life. New romances are started under these stars and our childlike ways are brought to the forefront. The downfall to this energy will be some of your big EGOS must be kept in check, and we must show a little humility. It’s ok to brag about our accomplishments but listen to others and their success too.

Leo is one of the perfect times to spruce yourself up and pay a visit to your day spa, hairdresser, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or shop for something that is shiny, and sparkles. Many of us will want to be noticed now. This energy will make us feel like kids again, and it wouldn't hurt to get out in the sunshine with your own children/grandchildren and have some fun. This is the perfect time for a family day out to the beach, lake, amusement park, zoo, or picnic. The kids will have lasting memories and will bring many smiles all around.

Many love affairs start now, and romance is everywhere. The stars will shine upon many of us, and where ever you have Leo placed in your chart, you will feel the strength of the Sun empowering you. As we get closer to “Lions Gate Portal” and the power it brings through manifestations; many of our wishes may be grated and some will feel very lucky. Souls born in Sun, moon, rising, or Dragons head/tail will feel this energy strongly, and all fire signs will be extremely magnetic and sensual.

On a more serious note: There is nothing wrong with getting out and enjoying life. Always keep in mind that this Scorpious Dragon is sitting on the U.S.A.s 5th house, and that rules American children so have fun but stay cautious, and follow my “Days of Caution.”

Magickal Folk: Leo New Moons are perfect for spell work for courage, power over others, and affairs of the heart. This Leo Moon energy is good for protection spells for children, fertility and childbirth. Healing rituals for the heart, spine, and upper back work well too.

These next few weeks we also have “The Lions Gate” portal on August 8 and it is a time of high manifestation of our desires, wants, and needs. The number 8 or 88 is the number of wealth and abundance and considered a day of powerful magick and manifestations.

Leo New Moons always make us feel more hedonistic, indulgent, and many of us want to party, enjoy life, and have a good time. This energy brings out the kid or juvenile in us again, and there is nothing wrong with that. It will be all about the kids, and the dog days of summer. Be careful around Aug. 4/5/6 as the Plutonic phase is here and the headlines will be about domestic issues, children and tragedies. Always remember that even though we are in a waxing moon phase, bad things still happen and with the Dragon tail in Scorpio, right on American children, the 5th house of the USA, they are in danger. Follow the stars, know those red and green lights and live another day.

Be safe and Blessed New Moon to you all.

Astro -Strega

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