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New Moon in Leo Forecast

We have a beautiful New Moon in Leo on August 16, 2023, at 5:38 a.m. EST. This new moon is very hedonistic and celebratory. This Leo energy will make all of us very festive and feel like celebrating and enjoying ourselves. Leo’s energy will make us feel like kids again, and the agenda is all about having fun, enjoying parties, and experiencing the finer things in life.

Leo rules the 5th house of joy, love, romance, children, and creativity. Romances intensify and the children will bring joy and happiness into our lives. New romances can be started under these stars but with Venus Rx, I wouldn't start up any new relationships and work on the ones you already have. Many of us experience the childlike qualities that are brought to the forefront. The downfall to this energy will be some of the big EGOS must be kept in check, along with showing a little humility. It’s ok to brag about our accomplishments but listen to others and their success too.

With the moon in Leo, it is usually one of the most perfect times to spruce yourself up and pay a visit to your day spa, hairdresser, plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or shop for something shiny, and sparkles. Many of us will want to be noticed now. However, stick to at-home beauty treatments and remedies as nothing involving the beauty industry is blessed right now with Venus in retrograde. This energy will make many of us feel like kids again, and it wouldn't hurt to get out in the sunshine with your children/grandchildren and have some fun. This is the perfect time for a family day out to the beach, lake, zoo, or picnic. The kids will have lasting memories and will bring many smiles all around.

Many love affairs start now, and romance is everywhere but is also short-lived when Venus Rx. The relationships that survive this retrograde will come out more solid. The stars will shine upon many of us, and where ever you have Leo placed in your chart, you will feel the strength of the Sun empowering you. Souls born in Sun, moon, rising, or Dragons' head/tail in Leo will feel this energy strongly, along with Aquarius, and all fire signs will be extremely magnetic and sensual.

Magickal Folk

The Leo New Moons energies are perfect for any sort of love spell workings, for courage, power, and strength over others. I find that strong protection spells can be done, especially for children. I highly recommend any fertility spells and childbirth spell work to be very effective too.

Happy Magick Making!

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This New Moon is right on you, your 1st house of self and soul’s purpose. Leos will be able to progress forward and make those needed changes to make their lives better. This is your moon and the opportunity is given for all Leos to advance, make plans for the future and even change their appearance (please wait to do that until Venus is direct on 9/3/23). Please remember dear Leo that the changes you create in this moon phase will have a positive impact on the future. Best of Luck!

Leo New Moons will always make us act and feel like kids again, and we should every once in a while kick our shoes off and play in the dirt, so to speak. This Moon will make us more hedonistic, indulgent, celebratory, and many of us just want to have fun, enjoy life, and have a good time. This energy brings out the kid or juvenile in us again and there is nothing wrong with that. Have Fun!

Leo rules children and it will be all about the kids, back-to-school shopping, and the last bit of fun in the dog days of summer. Be careful 23rd as we move into a Plutonic Phase. This energy is all about wake-up calls for us all. Secrets always get exposed under these stars and the rich and famous meet their demise too.

The Plutonic phase will bring headlines about domestic issues, children, conflicts, and tragedies. Always remember that even though we are in a waxing moon phase, bad things still happen, and with the Dragon Tail in Libra, right on Americans 4th house of security, and home. There will be dramatic news regarding the U.S.A.'s looming housing crisis, homeless issues, and mortgage fraud too.

Enjoy the New Moon's energy and get out there with the family and make some memories. I would steer clear of amusement parks with rides as Mercury Rx can bring mechanical issues.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Moon.


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