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New Moon in Pisces

We begin the month of March with a New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday, March 2, 2022 @12:35 p.m. EST. New Moon's in Pisces are all about music, the arts, our subconscious thoughts, dreams, intuition, psychic self, new beginnings, healthy starts, spiritual endeavors, and the release of bad habits. Its all about tapping into the intuitive and dreamy side of us all. All psychics, tarot readers, mediums, and astrologers will all be tuned in to this highly intuitive power. All water signs will be extra sensitive now, along with all rising, moon or dragons in Pisces.

With the Moon in Pisces (water) and Uranus (shocking) in Taurus which rules earth. The world could possibly see a Tsunami and volatile fault lines activate within the next two weeks. This is where ships sink, oil spills, and flooding can occur. Pisces energy usually signals events dealing with water, oil, drugs, institutions, jails, overdoses, and Middle East news can sometimes make the headlines.

On a more positive note: Many of us will experience the beauty of Pisces through music, poetry, escapism, and lucid dreams. Pisces energy can make many of us feel sleepy, in a fog or dream world and it is very important for those highly sensitive to this energy to ground, ground, ground.

Magickal Folks: Pisces moons are one of my favorite times for divination, tarot work and clairvoyance. Moon work for the creative arts, music, clairvoyance, and telepathy work well in this energy. Ritual for ailments of the feet and lymph nodes are blessed now. Working with water in general is going to have power. Remember, water is an energy that not only remembers but transmutes also.

These next few weeks may bring some water issues and even a few disasters. After all, we are in a negative Scorpius water dragon energy but on a personal level this energy can make us step out of the mundane and into the spiritual realm. The world at large will remain volatile for these are the times we live in. Remember what I said in my recording about Biden. Stay tuned and stay focused.

Blessed New Moon

Astro- Strega

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