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New Moon in Pisces

We have a beautiful, dreamy, and intuitive New Moon in Pisces on Monday, February 20, 2023, at 2:06 a.m. EST. Pisces moon energies are all about intuition, the psychic self, new beginnings, healthy starts, spiritual endeavors, vivid dreams, and the release of bad habits. Many of us become empaths; just make sure not to take on the negative energies of others, and ground, ground, ground.

The Pisces new moon is all about spirituality, divination, clairvoyance, telepathy, throwing the bones, rune readings, tarot, astrology, psychic self, empowerment, and tapping into our dreams and dream work energy. The messages spirit and ancestors send via your lucid dreams are powerful, and we must listen to them.

This New Moon is in Pisces, and it rules the feet and is the perfect time to give attention to the feet. Purchases of new shoes, pedicures, podiatry issues, music, musical instruments, metaphysical goods, books, and the arts are all blessed under this energy. Pisces also rules alcohol, and not that I’m encouraging the purchase of booze but this is also a good time to stock up on alcohol as you will find great sales now on all your favorite spirits, especially if you use alcohol as offerings to deities, angels, and demons. The negative aspect of this energy will be issued with oil, water, and water accidents, Middle East news, Vatican news, religious nuts, and escapism through drugs and alcohol. Your psychic medium, astrologers, intuitive, tarot readers, people with clairvoyance, healers, and metaphysicians are always blessed under these stars for very accurate readings and tapping deep into the spirit world.

All souls born with a Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising, Dragon head/tail, and Virgos and those strong Neptunian placements will feel the energies the most as well as all water signs, and all water signs become very sensual and magnetic. Souls born in the Sun sign of Pisces can be very kind, compassionate, artistic, and intuitive souls. They feel on a profound level and do need to separate themselves emotionally from the energies around them, especially when those energies are negative. They tend to need time alone to process things as their subconscious runs very deep and most do not like large crowds. Their downfall can be escapism, not facing reality, and the need to decipher between rational thought and pure imagination.

Magickal Folk

The Pisces New Moon is the best time to work magick for clairvoyance, psychic insight, astral projection, dream work, tarot spells, working with the creative arts, music, and paranormal endeavors. Healing rituals relating to the feet, subconscious mind, and lymphatic nodes are all blessed now. Pisces is a very magickal Moon with strong ties to the spirit world so ancestry work is good along with Archangel Sandalphon too.

Waxing moons in Pisces are the best time to astral project, see your mystic, astrologer, psychic, tarot reader, or clairvoyant. Listen to your dreams for what you dream, you in vision, manifest, and create in the subconscious will become a reality in time. Good buys will come with magickal items such as pendulums, tarot cards, oracle cards, star charts, and channeling through clairvoyance. Please remember, this energy does create a very un-grounding for some and you must relax, regenerate, meditate, meditate, meditate.

The next few weeks will bring wonderful and exciting energy for many of us thanks to Venus moving into action-oriented Aries on the same day as the new moon. This will bring a feeling of excitement, and a need to get out, be active and be adventurous. However, even in waxing moon phases, bad things can and will happen: especially in those windows I call “Days of Caution.”

This new moon is all about spiritual growth, cosmic growth, and holistic growth. Pisces energies do make many of us want to daydream, escape reality, and even indulge in booze, and drugs, legal and illegal. Do everything in moderation; drink lots of water, and yoga and meditation could bring deep downloads. This moon also drives us to eat healthier and look at what is in our foods. Stick to whole foods and less processed for ultimate health.

Wishing everyone a very blessed New Moon. Be safe!

Astro - Strega

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