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New Moon in Pisces Forecast

This is gonna be a crazy and intense week. I'm already seeing it with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces! On March 6,2019 we have a New Moon in Pisces @ 11:04 a.m. EST. Your forecast will have double energy in Pisces. Issues with oil industry,water and flooding,Middle East,religion, poisonings,and with Pisces in retro confusing,misunderstandings,accidents, illusions, illusions and ,dreams. This is hi- frequency energy and will make some of us a little sleepy,lethargic,dreamy and feeling like we are in a fog. I explain more in my last post. Hopefully with the moon waxing devastation will be at a minimum, I hope!

This is the best time to see your mystic,astrologer, psychic,tarot reader or clairvoyant.Listen to your dreams for what you dream,in-vision and create in the subconscious will become reality in time. Purchase items related to Pisces such as new shoes, pedicures,foot massages,books,music and even alcohol are all blessed under these stars. This is also a perfect time to do magic for healing ailments of the feet and lymph nodes/glandes, dream work, pendulums, star charting and channeling.However, please remember that this energy does have an un-grounded feeling to it so meditate,meditate,meditate.

Your two- week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Your intuition will be accurate and secrets may be reveled. The double Pisces energy in your 12th house will make your dreams messengers. Pay attention to them!

Taurus: Your social life will get busy. Old friends re- enter your life now, as the past comes back but also new friends are to be made and can make your wishes come true. Get out there and have some fun!

Gemini: Career opportunities may come your way and you will look good in the spot light. Stay alert and don't miss this moment.

Cancer: Travel, higher learning and foreigners is what its about. You will be even happier if your by the water.Make planes!

Leo: Opportunities to make money and investments may come your way. Inheritances and legacy are common too.

Virgo: A new business opportunity or a new domestic partner maybe in store if you. Don't miss out.

Libra: Promotions and advancements in your working environment take place. You health gets a boost too.

Scorpio: A new romance or business offer will please you. News about children or a birth may happen too.

Sagittarius: Its all about the home life now. Thoughts of moving,buying,selling and redecorating maybe in-store. You will do what ever your family wants and needs.

Capricorn: Trips and new studies will be on the agenda now. Enjoy and go with the flow.Not everything has to be planned out, dear Capricorn.

Aquarius: Good news in your finances and self- esteem. Don't spend it all and think practical now.

Pisces: Many changes are happening now. You have a Moon,Mercury Rx and Neptune stationed in your governing sign. New starts bring positive changes. Move on with life now.

Wishing all of you a very blessed New Moon. Listen to your dreams and make your happiness a reality. We are retro grade pretty much the entire month of March, so now is the time to let go of whats not working,re evaluate,clean up, and plan ahead. Both the new and the Full Moon on March 20,2019 in Libra will pave the new road ahead for many of us.

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