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New Moon in Romantic Taurus

We have a beautiful New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 11,2021 @ 3:00 p.m. EDT. Taurus New Moons are one of my favorite times of the season. This energy is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. Venus energy is all about diplomacy, harmony and peace. Being the Goddess of Love, the next two weeks will bring a lot of romance to many lives, especially the earth signs and 5th house, Taurus Dragon energy.

Taurus isn't only about romance but also finances. It rules the stock market, banks, investments, crypto currency, and money in general. We also have Mars (the desire principle) in Cancer (family, real estate, restaurants, hospitality, and security). As your astrologer, a crypto investor, and a spiritualist, if there was ever a time to invest ....IT IS NOW! The investments you make now, will return ten fold in the years to come. I am going to put this up as a disclaimer: never invest more then you can afford to lose because with Taurus(money) in Uranus (sudden changes) the stock markets, and crypto markets will have their ups and downs this year. Invest wisely and with accordance with the moon and your money will grow.

This energy is asking you to utilize your money making skills of Venus but Venus also brings diplomacy, making it easier to communicate with others on a peaceful and spiritual level. This energy is also about love, and many will be finding their love, soul mate or twin flame. If you play your cards right, many will see finances and love matters improve for them this year. The Earth signs will feel this energy the most.

Magickal Folk: Taurus New Moon are great for Rose of Jericho Spells for love or abundance. Ritual work for love, wealth, real estate, material gain and acquisitions. Any sort of healing rituals of the throat, neck, ears, and thyroid will be blessed at this time.

Your Two Week Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This energy is hitting your 2nd house of wealth of finances. An opportunity is on its way to improve finances. The next two weeks are critical, jump on it and get it.

Taurus: This is a new start. The New Moon is right on you, and the changes you make today to improve your life, and will benefit a new start in life. Grab it and be happy!

Gemini: Secrets come to light. Dreams become prophetic, and letting go of the past is in order.

Cancer: New friends are to be made and a friend may bring you one of your greatest wishes. Good luck!

Leo: Career changes are on the horizon. Positive changes are ahead. Be happy, you cant lose.

Virgo: Go with confidence now. Plans made to study or travel will be offered to you. Enjoy domestic traveling again!

Libra: If your dealing with legal affairs they will work in your favor now. You may hear of a legacy or inheritance now. We are dealing with the death house so you may hear of a death in the near future.

Scorpio: New relationships and new business prospects are on the agenda. It will be full of happy surprises. Enjoy!

Sagittarius: Your health will improve now if there were any issues. Work matters get better too. There is a lot of luck coming your way. Grab it!

Capricorn: This is a good time to invest for your future. You will be blessed with love, business endeavors, and the children too. It will rain diamonds this year for Capricorn, so stay tuned.

Aquarius: Good news ahead within the home front. Investments made towards the home or family will benefit now.

Pisces: Your phone will be busy and good news is ahead via email, phone or snail mail. Many surprises are coming in the next few weeks. Enjoy Pisces!

The next few weeks will bring many positives to us. Taurus energy does always bring the energy of love, wealth, peace, and harmony to the fore front. However, the polar opposite sign is always brought to the table as well, and we will see some Scorpionic tones to the week ahead where drama with police will continue. A touch of death and drama is possible. What I'm trying to say is this" just because the moon is waxing, bad things will happen due to the jurisdiction of the stars."

Be safe and Blessed Be!

Astro Strega

Moon in Taurus Magickal properties

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