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New Moon in Sagittarius Forecast

December 6 - 7,2018 @ 2:20 A.M. EST and Dec.6th @ 11:20 P.M. PST in the philosophical sign of Sagittarius. This sign is ruled by Jupiter, the Lord of Luck, and rules the codification of thought. Anything dealing with religion, foreigners, higher learning, and laws rules this sign and energy. News is ahead with foreigner's, foreign powers, religion, and the Pope will make headlines. This new moon can be wonderful or hard lessons learned.

Many will feel like getting away from it all and if you can..DO IT! Mercury is direct now and its the perfect time to travel, see foreign lands, meet new people, and purchase Native American arts and crafts and furry friends are blessed under this New Moon energy.

This will not be a good month for our POTUS. And we,as a nation will take on his karmic forecast. I foresee April 2019 being a month when people realize they have been short changed in someway. I will explain this more in another newsletter, but a Dragons tail in Sagittarius with a moon sitting on the tail makes for a deadly combo if one isn't aware of their stars. On to more positive things, you're New Moon forecast by house and sign.

Aries: You will feel the need to travel, meet new people, especially foreigners and see the world a little. You may also feel the need to take up a study or classes, higher learning.

Taurus: Investments,legacy and business deals will pay off and sexuality is heightened.

Gemini: New partnerships and positive changes on the domestic front. Any contracts signed now will be positive in nature.

Cancer: Health improves and so does your opportunities, if your looking for new employment, go for it!

Leo: Wishes might come true as this New Moon is in your house of love,romance,children and creativity. Love may be in the air or your children will be bring you great joy.Enjoy this happy vibe Leo.

Virgo: The home is where the heart is. You may feel the need to redecorate or relocate. Emotions will be full of joy and sorrow as we are reminded about the ones no longer here to celebrate. This is a good time to call mom or dad and say hi.

Scorpio: Positive news with your finances and you're investments. Luck and rewards are within reach.

Sagittarius: This stars shine on you.Get out there and make it happen.

Capricorn: Secrets come to light and intuition is high. Dreams will give way to messages...listen to them.

Aquarius: Social activities,new friends and old friends bringing wishes are on the agenda. Get out there and have some fun.

Pisces: New opportunities in your career and promotions. You are praised for your accomplishments.

Have a wonderful and blessed New Moon.

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