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New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon is in Scorpio on Thursday, November 4,2021 @ 5:15 p.m. EDT. This energy is all about death, life, re birth, and transformations. New Moons are usually positive in nature, and this one is all about dealing with an ending in your life (death), and and new beginning (re-birth.) Any issues relating to death, drama, health, finances, secrets, taxes, insurance, sex, law enforcement, joint finances, investments, and even Russia can make headlines.

This is where we as humans can be given the opportunity to have forbidden knowledge bestowed upon us, and where secrets are reveled. This is also where hard lessons can be learned. Those who know the Do's and Don'ts of this energy and are my Patreon subscribers have this information. Those who are not, well....just because it is a New Moon doesn't mean there isn't danger afoot. Steer clear of crowds, strange places, and cyber bullies and thief's. They run amuck during this energy.

With this energies emphasis on death, and considering the time of year it is. This is the appropriate time to honor your dead, and the ancestors we have known, and the ones that work with us in esoteric endeavors. However, the energy is also all about investments and joint finances. Any investments made on a New Moon in Scorpio or Taurus will pay out handsomely in the future.

This New Moon promises to be filled with drama, death news (rich and famous), wake up calls for us all and even a little knowledge to grow upon. Our sexuality will be heightened and some of us will feel very frisky, sexy, and in the mood. Make love, not war!

All water signs will feel the pull of this energy the most. My Scorpios, Cancers, and Pisces will be even more intuitive, and psychic then usual. Anytime we have a Full or New, water moon, rest assure its those water signs that feel the most, and see the most. Their down fall will be depression and illusions. Souls born with a Scorpio Sun, Moon, rising, Dragon head or tail also feel this energy and many tap into their own magic and witchcraft. The key to this New Moon is to stay grounded and focused and all will be fine.

Magickal Folk: The month of November works with the energies of Scorpio and Taurus. The New Moon in Scorpio on Nov. 4 is the perfect time for spell work dealing with finances, investments, sexuality, shadow work, psychic growth, and transformation. Healing work of reproductive organs is also blessed under these stars.

The Full Moon in Taurus/Eclipse on Nov. 19 promises to be a death/rebirth/transformation for a great many of us. Healing work for the ears, nose ,throat, and neck will work well under these stars Spell work for finances, love, beauty, aesthetics, material gain, and money will be powerful. Happy magick making!

The next few weeks will be filled this dramatic news, secrets, enlightenments, self analysis, and prosperous endeavors. The light is green, go! Wishing everyone a safe, prosperous, and enlightened New Moon.


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