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New Moon in Scorpio - 10/27/19

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

A Scorpio New Moon on Sunday, October 27/28, 2019 @ 11:38 p.m EDT. New Moons generally bring positive energy but we are dealing with Scorpio/Pluto and with this Moon brings death,drama,rebirth, and transformation. This is going to be a difficult Moon for many of us and lets not forget Mercury is Rx in Nostradamus Astrology ( modern it goes Rx 10/31/19). This will make things even more dramatic.

Lets begin with the "Trifecta" of Scorpionic energy that began on Oct.23 when Sun moved into Scorpio, New Moon on 27th in Scorpio, and throw in a Plutonic phase with "Days of Caution" for Oct. 27,28, 29. Plutonic energy fused together with a Sun and Scorpio New Moon will be a more difficult New Moon on many of us and the world at large. This energy is all about sex, finances,health, secrets coming to light, war, terrorism, law enforcement, CIA,FBI,Russia and the rich and famous will all make headlines. Drama and death will plague the news and the men in blue(police) will be active and busy. Unfortunately, many police officers loose their lives in this phase. Tragedies of all sorts can and will happen now. Just watch the news and you will see. See my last newsletter on Plutinic Phases here:

Where ever you have Scorpio in your chart you will feel this energy strongly. A wake up call may be coming for a great many of us. This energy plays a very important part in your life as change is coming. The emphasis is on death and from death brings rebirth, and from rebirth brings transformation. Transformation brings new knowledge, power and wisdom. Water signs will feel this shift the most and those of us with a Moon,Ascending, or Dragons head or Tail in Scorpio too.

The more positive aspect of this New Moon's energy is to use the hardships we have faced in the past as learning experiences,and eliminating people,situations, addictions, employment issues, and attitude/outlook.Ridding what no longer works in our lives sets the stage for a New Beginnings. Scorpio New Moons are about sexuality and many will feel their libidos sore now.

Magickal Folks: Scorpio is the ruler of witchcraft,underworld, and metaphysics. This is one of the most magickal and powerful New Moons next to a Scorpio Full Moons. Rituals for sex magick,love,and lust, witchboards, scrying,crystal gazing,tarot and clairvoyance are all blessed under this energy. Remember, the veil is thinning, and our ancestors are communicating with us. Setting up and ancestral alter for those who have passed is a wonderful way to honor our dead, Samhain (Halloween) and Día de Muertos (Nov.2) are days to reflect on the people we have loved and lost,making contact is common and they will let you know they are their. As the veil thins, magick will happen. Blessed Be my broom sisters and brothers!

Forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This energy will be effecting your 8th house. Its all about joint finances,corporate money,inheritance and legacies. Investments made now will prosper in the future. Its OK to take some chances now, but be smart in doing them.

Taurus: Positive changes are ahead in the realm of partnerships, business contracts, and domestic relationships. The 7th house gets attention and the focus is on making better business relations with others and improving your domestic environment.

Gemini: This energy is in your 6th house of health and service to the world. There will be much improvement in these areas and lucky breaks and opportunities are ahead.

Cancer: Your house of love, romance and children gets a boost as this New Moon is in your 5th house. Much luck will happen in these areas. Love is in the air!

Leo: Opportunities to create a better home life, buy, sell, move and invest in property are on the agenda as Scorpio Moon cruises your 4th house of home,family, and emotions.

Virgo: This energy is in your 3rd house of mental process, communication and the opportunities for a short trips, writing or publishing will be offered to you. Siblings may contact you at this time too.

Libra: Luck is on your side the next two weeks as this Scorpio Moon cruises your 2nd house of money ,wealth and better self esteem. Legal issues will arise but work in your favor and money and investments made now will make you very happy later on.

Scorpio: This New Moon is right on you dear Scorpio. You cant loose but you have to take a chance in order to win.Your blessed by the stars now so "Go for it."

Sagittarius: Dreams and intuition become stronger as this energy cruises our 12th house of the subconscious mind. Secrets will be revealed but keep them to yourself for now. Deep studies and messages coming soon.

Capricorn: Capricorn gets a much needed boost with the Scorpio Moon in your 11th house of friends and wishes. Your friends will make one of your wishes come true. New social gatherings and new friendships are to be made.

Aquarius: The 10th house receives this energy and positive changes are ahead in the realm of career,accomplishments, and public standings. Progress and changes are ahead. You cant lose.

Pisces: You will be more inclined now to deal with foreigners and foreign affairs. This energy is in your 9th house and a trip might be in order,deep studies and higher knowledge will all be presented to you.

This energy will take its toll on many of us but we must also use this energy in a positive way.Remaining strong, positive and stay away from negative T.V. Follow the jurisdiction of the stars and have a wonderful New can still be enjoyed, just take precautions. Blessings!

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