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New Moon in Scorpio - 11/14-15/20

This New Moon will be in the intense sign of Scorpio on Saturday, November 14th @ 9:07 p.m. PST and 12:07 a.m. EST on Saturday, November 15th. This is a powerful Moon and a good time for pleasures of the flesh, and to move your cash flow around. Stocks, bonds, crypto, and investments of all sorts are blessed under these stars but beware because we are in a Plutonic phase. Always check your bank accounts for any malicious activity, know your surroundings, and some will experience an "wake up call" or secrets to come to light.

Scorpio rules the world of metaphysics, witchcraft, investigations (paranormal too),medicine, morgues, investments, joint finances, sex, life, death, drama, rebirth and transformations. Even with this Scorpionic New Moon energy, the world is under an umbrella of volatile energy. As stated in my last newsletter "New Moon's generally bring positive energy but we are dealing with Scorpio/Pluto and this Moon always brings death, drama, rebirth, and transformation in an election year. The more positive aspect of this New Moon will be to invest, make money, and make good financial decisions. This moon rules sex so it will be a good time to tap into your sensual side too. Like the saying goes "Make love, not war."

We also have "Days of Caution" for Nov. 13/14/15 and the world takes on a Plutonic energy shift. As your Astrologer, and what I see for this weekend, coming, it would be best to just stay at home, and enjoy the surroundings of your home and family. In the next several days you will hear news of terrorism, police either being shot or doing the shooting, Russia (Scorpio nation), bank fraud, death of the rich and famous, sex crimes, murder, and all the Plutonic souls who will wreak havoc just love this energy, and will be out, and about. This is So beware, and be safe!

I wrote about this in my last newsletter and I also posted for my Magickal Folks. Check it out here:

You're two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: This is where good, sound investments will pay off later on, and once Mars moves direct on Nov.13 ,2020 , you are ready to become that warrior again, and take those financial chances.

Taurus: This will be the perfect time to sign any contracts or new business partnerships. Your domestic world might be somewhat emotional the next few weeks too.

Gemini: There will be much improvement in your employment world. Opportunities are possible. You are under a lucky streak right now and your feeling strong, and healthy.

Cancer: Love or lust will be one the agenda these next few weeks. Children will be dramatic but will bring you joy, and your creativity will get a boost too..

Leo: Positive news coming with family and home. Real estate deals are possible for buying, selling and relocating. Emotions will be a happy high, and mom might even bring good news too.

Virgo: Maybe some new wheels will be in the forecast for some Virgos. Communication will be very good, and the phone will be very busy and chatty now. These next few weeks would be a perfect time to take a short trip somewhere in nature.

Libra: This energy hits your wallet, and in a good way. Good opportunities are ahead with investments, money making endeavors and your self esteem will be better too.

Scorpio: This is your Moon dear Scorpio. You hold all the cards to succeed. You cant loose, and the next few weeks you can really make your wishes come true if you try hard enough.

Sagittarius: Your dreams ,and intuition will become very vivid so listen to them. Do not self doubt yourself for a minute. Learning or studying something within the realm of metaphysics will benefit you.

Capricorn: You have had a rough couple of years Capricorn. The next few weeks will bring one of your greatest wishes to frustration from friends. Social circles improve, and new friends are to be made.

Aquarius: Career opportunities and progressive changes are ahead. Accomplishments will not go unnoticed, and over all image improves.

Pisces: Time to make those travel plans (keep them domestic) and your thirst for knowledge is triggered. You may take up a new study or classes with a scorpionic touch to them. Either direction you go, the stars will shine on you.

The next few weeks will be trying for some, a wake up call for others, and a time when secrets are exposed. Stay focused, positive, and always hope and pray for a better tomorrow.


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