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New Moon in Scorpio Nov. 7th, 2018

New Moon in the intense sign of Scorpio on Nov.7th, 2018 @ 11:02 A.M. Scorpio moons love drama and always bring out dark secrets,sexual fantasies, and intense and deep conversation. New moons are usually positive in nature but with a Plutonic phase happening this New moon will be dramatic and active. Many tragedies will occur this month as Pluto is death and then rebirth,finances,taxes,death,witchcraft,war,sex and law enforcement will be top news. We as humans will realize our limitations. Secrets will be relieved about Russia this month. We may have to face circumstances we don't like or come to an abrupt end. This is all apart of the death and rebirth process so we can grow and evolve.

Scorpio however does have its positive side and paranormal investigations will be blessed. Any sort of witchcraft performed will be powerful. This is the perfect time for spells related to money,investments,sexuality,the dark art's, and even health. Try to rise above all the negative news you will hear in the weeks to come. I did warn you. The ugliness of humanity is about to unfold and we as "children of the stars" must rise above this and use our higher consciousness to make better decisions based on facts,truths and our own intuition. Have a wonderful two weeks. Have fun but use good judgement.

Your two week forecast:

Aries: This energy will effect your house of inheritance,wills,taxes, joint resources and even death and legacy.

Taurus: Your domestic life will be affected and its a great time for new partnerships and business deals but keep your emotions in check.

Gemini: Opportunity is ahead. You work life and even your health will see positive changes.

Cancer: Your love life is about to improve and children will be a joy. Anything related to love,romance and children will be blessed.

Leo: Real estate investments, moving and betterment of your home will be your focus. Very positive ,you cant lose.

Virgo: Time to plan those trips or continuing education. Good news will come by mail,phone or internet. Short trips and weekend getaways are also blessed for you Virgo.

Libra: Your finances and money potential will bring a smile to your face. Things turn in your favor. Happy times!

Scorpio: If you play your cards right, you cannot lose. This Moon is right on you, Scorpio.Use your witchcraft residue and get it.

Sagittarius: The subconscious is on fire. Intuition will be spot on, and those dream...listen to them. Deep studies are blessed with this energy.

Capricorn: Wishes will come true from dear friends.Enjoy this,you deserve it.

Aquarius: Public image and your career will improve. Progress is ahead of you.

Pisces: A visit down memory lane will take place, especially once Mercury goes retro on Nov.16th. Deep studies and even foreign affairs will be common.

Blessed Be!

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