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New Moon in Taurus April 30

There are four things happening on April 30, and it’s full of all sorts of celestial energy. We have a partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus, a New Moon in Taurus at 4:26 P.M. EDT, Walpurgis Night (Union of God and Goddess) or May Day Eve; and it is the 2nd New Moon in one lunar month making it a true Black Moon Lilith. I mentioned this in my April newsletter.

A Blue Moon occurs when there are two Full Moons in one lunar month. A Blood Moon is when the Earth’s Moon is in a total lunar eclipse. Black Moons are almost never discussed by most Astronomers, as they do not even recognize or acknowledge a Black Moon as it isn’t an astronomical term. Black Moons are rare, occurring about every 32 months.

During the new Moon phase, the Moon is not illuminated by the Sun and seems to disappear from the night sky. A new Moon is practically invisible to the naked eye, so there’s nothing to see during a so-called Black Moon but to those of us who work well under this energy, we know its hidden power.

There is deep spiritual significance to “Black Moon” energy. In an astrology chart, Black Moon Lilith represents the shadow side of one’s self, and the soul’s behaviors and impulses in their rawest form. It reveals our repressed sexuality and deep sexual thoughts, and both combined will makes us feel at our most vulnerable; it expresses the dark side of one's personality, buried deep in the subconscious mind and realms of our psyche. This is also called “The Lilith Moon.”

This Taurus New Moon is all about love, romance, finances, banking, esthetics, luxury, massage, and the beauty industry. Having a partial solar eclipse in money making Taurus begins a turning point for America’s economy and the world. It won’t happen overnight as Taurus is a slow moving planet. I’ve said this before, over and over that part of the reason we are in inflation isn’t because there is a shortage or supply and demand, yet. We are experiencing the sheer greed of corporations. If you look at their quarterly earnings, you will see that they have doubled and tripled their profits these past few months. We, the people are the ones that suffer. Like the saying goes “follow the money”, and you will find the culprits.

I foresee a death of some sort in regards to the economy, banking, and some global currencies. Eclipses both Solar and Lunar are about death and rebirth in the hypothetical. The Solar represents the outwardness and expression or appearance of a soul, country or region. Solar eclipses are more positive in nature and focus on the outer. On November 8, 2022 we have a lunar Eclipse in Taurus and that’s when we will really feel the economy shift, hopefully for the better.

These next few weeks will be under the spell of Venus (goddess of Love). Mars, the planet of war is in dreamy Pisces and I’m hoping the world at large takes on a more spiritual mantra. Venus has the power of diplomacy, when it comes to others. This New Moon also rides the Dragons Head in Taurus making this energy focus on money and finances. Rewards may come through love or money. All Earth signs will be very magnetic, and those souls born with a Moon, Sun, Ascendant, or Dragon head/tail in Taurus will feel this energy the most. Enjoy these next few weeks.

Magickal Folk: This April 30th New Moon will be perfect for taping into our shadow self with shadow work, deep contemplation, meditation and protection spells. This is also Walpurgis Night and the eve of May Day by witches. The energy will be all that more intense and powerful. Sex spells, baneful magick and fertility spell all work well under the Lilith Moon energy. Happy Magick making!

I really want all of you to enjoy this beautiful Venusian energy we have here. Yes, bad things are going to happen these next few weeks, especially during my “Days of Caution.” Just because the moon is new doesn’t stop the cosmic flow both good and bad. Make improvements in your own life, let love in, be with the people you love and that make you smile. As the Irish say” Live everyday of life as if it’s your last.”



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