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New Moon in Taurus Forecast

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

New Moon on April 22,2020 @ 10:26 p.m EDT. in Taurus. I just love Taurus New Moons. The planet Venus in her governing sign makes the energy peaceful, and more diplomatic. This is a time for beauty,love, money matters,accumulating more wealth, and improving ones self esteem. Most of us are feeling some "Spring Fever." Many of us are quarantined right now, making things difficult for self expression, and freedom. Try to go somewhere aesthetically beautiful, like the ocean or lake, anywhere in nature will due, as Taurus is a nature sign. Its time to beautify thy self but it will be a little hard to get to the salons,medi spas, and have all those services done at this time. Use Taurus/Venus energy for at home pamperings, artistic endeavors, and financial investing to better your money situation via your home. All earth signs will feel this energy the most, along with souls born with Dragon head or tail,Moons, Ascendants all in Taurus.

The planet Uranus which represents the sudden release of energy, shocking changes, revolution, invention, and innovation has changed into solid, steady and strong Taurus since Mar 6, 2019 – Jul 7, 2025. Taurus is an earth sign and rules earth changes relating to volcanoes,earthquakes, and even financial horizons. Dramatic changes are coming for the financial institutions and even shocking earthquakes well above 6.0. Taurus is slow to action but we have five years to experience this energy.

Magickal Folk: The New Moon in Taurus will be all about spells for love,self care,beauty,material gains,and money. Healing rituals for ailment of the throat, thyroid, nose, and ears are blessed used this energy. I have shared a money spell with you that I did for a client the last time the Moon was waxing in Taurus. This is the perfect time for money spells,beauty, and using the power of Venus.

The two week New Moon forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Positive energy to improve financial situations are ahead. Have patience and everything will fall into place.

Taurus: The New Moon is blessed upon you. Enjoy the fresh starts, and the new energy that is around. Enjoy some luxury in your life.

Gemini: The subconscious mind and dreams are giving you messages. Secrets maybe revealed, keep silent for now, and listen to your dreams.

Cancer: Some of your dearest dreams will be achieved thru a friends. New friends are to be made at this time along with new social media groups, even connected to the internet will be productive at this time.

Leo: Many blessings are coming to your career. Stay positive, stay the course, and enjoy the next two weeks of progress coming.

Virgo: Now is the time to plan those after quarantine trips or even take up a new study on-line. Keep vacations domestic because the next Dragon energy shift into Sagittarius will not bless trips to foreign lands.

Libra: Legal affairs maybe on the agenda for the next few weeks. Issues with joint finances or legacy will appear. Don't worry, the stars are working for you, and not against you at this time. Be blessed!

Scorpio: A new domestic partner is entering your life, more commitments are coming. Partnerships within your business sector may flourish too.

Sagittarius: Much improvement with health matters. New employment opportunities or a better working environments are ahead. Luck shines upon you these next few weeks.

Capricorn: Time to make those investments Cappy! Happy news with children,love,and business/finance.

Aquarius: New domestic surroundings, investments in real estate, and family matters take focus these next two weeks. Do something fun and happy with the family.

Pisces: An unplanned trip might be ahead of you. Positive news coming via email,phone call or snail mail. It will be very positive.Enjoy these next few weeks.

The next two weeks will be blessed with Venus energy in our lives. Bad things will continue to happen for the world at large but try to bring Venus into your home and surround yourself with her beauty,love and the peace, and tranquility she provides.

Blessed Be!

Artwork by San Dra

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