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New Moon in Taurus - May 4,2019

A Taurus New Moon on Saturday, May 4 @ 6:45 p.m EDT. Taurus is ruled by Venus,the goddess of love,peace,beauty, and harmony. Things dealing with finances,banking industry, beauty, and esthetics,luxury items, and delicious food is what this lunatation is all about. The moon is waxing now and its a go for all investments,signing contracts,furthering ones finances, and love. Your security will be the focus and so should your appearance. This the perfect time to go out and buy some new clothes, get spruced up at the salon, and get those fillers.( adding things to the body in a waxing moon is always blessed by the universal laws) The only negative side to this energy is some will become a shopaholic and over spend. So be wise with your money but also enjoy it too. This new moon will directly effect Taurus,Capricorn and Virgo the most.

Let us not forget that Uranus is doing a dance in Taurus until 2025 and unexpected and shocking things will happen both good and bad.Taurus is slow and steady and we have seven years to find out what curve balls Uranus is going to throw at us.

Your two week forecast by house and sign:

Aries: Nice surprises to rebuild your finances and your self image are possible.

Taurus: New beginning start now. This moon is right on you, just don't overspend.

Gemini: Your subconscious becomes active. Financial secrets are revealed but keep them to yourself for now and listen to your dreams.They contain messages for you.

Cancer: Friend will bring wishes in the realm of finance and money. Your social circle is active.Get out there and have some fun!

Leo: Good news is coming with career opportunities and better public appearance. Stay the course and see it thru.

Virgo: Trips to far away lands are common now. New studies and adventures will make you happy.

Libra: Financial deals will go in your favor now. Someones legacy may touch you personally.

Scorpio: New direction and positive changes are ahead in partnerships,domestic relationships and contracts.

Sagittarius: Your focus will be on work related issues and your health should see much improvement now.

Capricorn: Good time to invest and children will bring you happiness. Possibility to find new love is just around the corner.

Aquarius: Spending time with family will be on the agenda. upgrades to your home are also common.

Pisces: Short trips are ahead and good news is on the way via mail,phone or internet.

Have a wonderful and blessed New Moon.Think like a Taurus,slow things down,smell the flowers,drink the wine and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

Blessed Be!

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