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New Moon in Virgo

We have a new moon in Virgo on Sept.9, 2018 @ 2:01 PM EDT. This Virgo energy is all about work, health and improving ones skills.Many of us will be inclined to advance our education thru higher learning. Its also the perfect time to write that book and get it published. We also tend to focus on better health at this time. Virgo hates cigarettes so now is a good time to break those bad habits that bind us. Cleansing ourselves, cleaning out clutter and logic and reason will be strong.Eating better and getting exercise are all blessed under Virgo.

Days of Caution are Sept. 12- 17th (giving 24 hr period) Once again we move into a deadly Plutonic phase on these days. Sex and porn industry, Russia,CIA,FBI and police will make headlines. Serial killers and rapists rule this phase and it always brings out the evil. Secrets are revealed and this could pertain directly to the Mueller investigation going on. I foresee something coming that isn't good after Nov.7th. I will explain this in another newsletter.

The rich and famous are always taken at this time. Stay with what is familiar,DO NOT go into large crowds and always check your bank accounts for fraud. Do not become a victim to Pluto energy. There are some positives to this phase like enjoying time with the one you love.Sexuality is heightened and can be downright steamy. The mystics of the world (this includes me) will have power and intuitive incite and even visions. Check out my Sept specials on this site. Now on to your two week forecast by house and sign.

Aries: Your health will improve and you are more motivated to get healthy and exercise more. Good news from your job such as a promotion,raise or even an advancement. The next two weeks will be positive in nature.Enjoy it!

Taurus: Children will bring much joy into your life now. Romance is common under this energy and your creativity will prevail. Happy times ahead!

Gemini: You maybe planning to move to a new home or purchase one. The home front will be pleasant and family will be busy and talkative. Enjoy the harmonious energy.

Cancer: Your metal process will be acute now. communication will flow easily and siblings will get in touch with you at this time. Your phone will be busy and a short trip or weekend getaway maybe on the horizon. Life is good Cancer!

Leo: Great news ahead with finances and money. Your self-esteem will improve too. The next two weeks will be very lucky for Leo's.

Virgo: This new moon is right on you Virgo.The stars will shine on you. get out there ,make it happen. You cant lose.The next two weeks will see progressive changes begin.

Libra: Don't let the past effect your future.Move on and let go. Dreams will be insightful and secrets may come to light. Say nothing but keep it with you for the right time to reveal it.

Scorpio: Get out there and socialize. You have the stars on your side to meet new people and make one of your dreams come true.

Sagittarius: Career choices will improve now and so will your image.

Capricorn: Planning trips to far away places could be on the agenda. Cappy's may decide to take on some continuing education. anything to perfect your career will be blessed at this time.

Aquarius: Some much needed financial help may come your way at this time. Loans are granted under these stars too.

Pisces: Your domestic life will improve and important decisions will be made in both partnerships and business life.

Make the most of the next two weeks. Its now a green light for all things of abundance, positivity, organization, better health and expansion of education and writing. Watch the Days of Caution and have a wonderful and blessed New Moon.

Artwork by San.

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